Split photo of Maddie Peterson in the grass with 6 bottles of juice on the left, and her standing next to a picket fence on the right
  • Professional surfer Maddie Peterson sitting on a blanket in the grass with a surfboard next to her and drinking Pressed Juicery juice
  • Maddie Peterson lying in the grass drinking from a bottle of pressed juice with several other bottles next to her
  • Split photo of Maddie Peterson in the grass with 6 bottles of juice on the left, and her standing next to a picket fence on the right

When we were six years old, we were just trying to work up the courage to ride the “big slide” on the playground. When Maddie Peterson was six, she was already riding waves on a surfboard. Maddie’s sixteen now and considered one of the best surfers in the world. She’s ranked the #2 surfer in the United States and #4 worldwide in her age group – no small feat for anyone, but especially someone who’s barely even driving age.

She might be young, but this quintessential surfer girl (and Under Armour model!) is already an inspiration to us. Maddie’s fiercely determined and strives to be a role model for athletes – particularly young women and teens. She might originally be from Jersey, but she’s got that California Girl wellness vibe down pat (check her Instagram for some major health-spiration. Days spent beachside? Check. Green juice? Check. Workouts on lock? Check, check). All that, and this girl has got wisdom to spare. Here’s how Maddie stays healthy, grounded, and grateful on the board and off…


Madeline (Maddie) Peterson

What originally drew me to surfing:

The ocean. Everything about it was so attractive to me. The rush I got every time I got on a wave was indescribable.

Biggest inspiration:

Jesus Christ. He has changed my life in so many different ways, and has blessed me immensely.

When I'm not on the board, I’m...

Either working out or doing something active, embracing the outdoors.

Favorite time of day to surf:

Well, it all depends. If I’m on the East Coast, I like surfing in the evening because the sun isn’t as brutal as in the morning. If I’m on the West Coast, I like surfing in the morning.

Favorite place I’ve hit the waves:

Barbados! Amazing waves, crystal-clear turquoise water and awesome people.

Healthiest habit:

No bread in my diet.

I refuel with…

Green smoothies.

Biggest lesson surfing has taught me:

Surfing has taught me how to appreciate the lifestyle I’ve been blessed with – traveling all over the world, meeting amazing people, and experiencing things most people will never get to experience.

Most memorable surfing-related experience:

Surfing with my dad, mom and three sisters, right at home. The sweetest time ever, and one that I will never forget.

Project or cause I am most passionate about:

Youth with a Mission, a nonprofit organization reaching out to people all over the world spreading love into people’s lives.

5 things on my Bucket List:

Sky dive, visit all seven continents, get a fish pedicure, float on the Dead Sea, learn a foreign language fluently.

Advice I would give my younger self:

Don’t try and make everyone like you.

Personal mantra:

Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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