We’re never sure just what our New York lady, Kat Odell, is going to send us each month in our NYC Bite of the Month series. We’ve seen goat milk lattes, Peruvian zoodle bowls (it’s a thing) and discovered Inday, thanks to Kat – and now she serves up this.

These gluten-free tapioca crepes are essentially healthy Brazillian tacos and Kat is all over the budding trend: starting with these beet-dyed babies, and now on to this stuffed version by OCA Positive Food. Get into this Brazillian buzz food below…

What I Ate: OCA’s tapioca crepe stuffed with cubed serrano ham, buffalo mozzarella, dates, walnuts and basil.

Why I Ate It: Because tapioca-based gluten-free crepes are a fantastic, healthier bread replacement. They’re devoid of gluten, grain and sugar, and take on a chewy, mochi-esque texture.

Why You Need It: Though New York already counts a few Brazilian cafes that serve regional staples like pão de queijo (chewy Brazilian cheese bread) made with manioc (what we in the U.S. know as tapioca, or cassava/yuca) flour, newbie OCA in Soho is the city’s first eatery dedicated to crepos (crepe + taco?!) made from that same ingredient. Personally, I love the chewiness of Japanese mochi and these crepes – which serve as a blank canvass for pretty much any flavor combination – offer a similar chew, plus they’re an awesome and better-for-you bread replacement.

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