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Jenni herself is the ultimate inspiration and namesake behind one of our favorite fashion and lifestyle brands, Jenni Kayne. However, after years of working closely with the brand on gatherings like these, her thoughtful team of women, clad in the brand’s cozy-chic uniform, have also inspired our style over the years.

As Jenni and team launch the brand’s first collection of long-awaited skincare products, we asked three women from the team that we adore to talk to us about the Oak Essentials products they’ve fallen in love with as they’ve been testing samples behind the scenes for months.

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Our team received the first exclusive press release of Oak Essentials just weeks ago. The clean, functional skincare collection includes a soothing Restorative Mask that smells like heaven and a nurturing Ritual Oil that’s as blue as the sea from an abundance of soothing blue tansy oil. These two products quickly became our top picks, but we wanted to hear from the women who have already been trialing the product for months!

Meet the women behind Jenni Kayne and shop from their favorite products in the coveted new Oak Essentials skincare line for 15% off with our code, TCM15 …

Meaghan Cox jenni kayneName: Meaghan Murphy, Director of Brand Creative, Jenni Kayne

My skin type: Combination (and Acne prone)!

The skin issues I’m solving for: Summer dryness and dullness, and occasional hormonal breakouts

My Oak Essentials top picks: Restorative Mask and Ritual Oil

How I like to use itthem: Lately, I’ve been using the Restorative Mask at least once a week. I began using the mask religiously once we first started getting the samples in and I am truly addicted. It is the only mask I have ever found that calms and prevents breakouts while at the same time keeping my skin nourished and hydrated. It is so rare to find a breakout-curing mask that doesn’t strip the skin – it is a miracle product!

I also use the Ritual Oil 2x/day – once in the morning after a thorough spritz of the Balancing Mist and once in the evening with my iS Clinical Active Serum. The Ritual Oil has kept my normally breakout-prone skin completely clear this summer! It gives the best glow of all time and I wake up with dewy skin which is new for me.

Editor’s note: We didn’t realize that Meaghan’s picks were the same as our own team’s! You can shop the Oil and Mask as a bundle called The Duo – which includes Ritual Oil and Restorative Mask ($112). 

heaven and her skincare

Name: Heaven Schydlowsky, Digital Product Manager, Jenni Kayne

My skin type: Combination

The skin issues I’m using solving for: The usual woes of combo skin – sometimes dry, sometimes congested.

My Oak Essentials top picks: Cleansing Balm and Balancing Mist

How I like to use them: I love to use our Cleansing Balm for a double cleanse a night.

2-3 times a week, I’ll start by warming the cleanser in my hands and working it into my skin. I do this for at least one minute to really pick up any impurities. Especially while living in the city, this cleanser is perfect for washing away all the grit. Then I’ll run a washcloth under warm water and gently remove the cleanser. After that, I’ll follow with a simple, gel-based cleanser and my night serum. The result? Clean, but not stripped, hydrated skin that feels so good.

The Balancing Mist is my hack for dewy skin all day long! I simply mist in the morning after my full routine and then bring it to my work desk. After that, you can catch me spritzing my face throughout the day. It truly keeps my skin hydrated, but also balances its natural barrier, preventing my skin from going into overdrive on oil production!

Editor’s note: You can catch Dream’s daily skincare routine on our Instagram here! 

sam moore jenni kayne

Name: Samantha Moore, President of Home & Brand, Jenni Kayne

My skin type: Dry

The skin issues I’m using solving for: Hormonal blemishes

My Oak Essentials top picks: Restorative Mask, Ritual Oil

How I like to use them: The Ritual Oil is perfect for day or night. I’m somewhat of a moisture monster and love how hydrated and glowy this oil makes me feel!

Our Restorative Mask is my go-to if I feel one of those horrible below-the-surface blemishes coming on. The honey is really anti-inflammatory and I find that it fights infection while leaving my skin super moisturized.

Be the first to try Jenni Kayne’s new skincare line, Oak Essentials. The new capsule skincare collection is made of just 5 essential products to take the guessing out of clean beauty. The Moisture Rich Balm, Restorative Mask, Balancing Mist , Cleansing Balm and Ritual Oil can be purchased as a collection (The Routine, $198) or shopped separately depending on your current routine and needs.

Every Oak Essentials product is cruelty-free, non-GMO and organic whenever possible, always formulated without synthetic fragrances, silicones, colorants, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, PEGs, petrolatum, mineral oil, and nanoparticles.Try everything for 15% off with code TCM15.

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