As the city defrosts and the sun comes out to play, all eyes are on New York. We’re craving a trip to the city that never sleeps – starting with Chelsea Market!

Meghan Markle and her team at The Tig are sharing this round-up of top stops and eats at this fascinating Manhattan foodie temple. Think chèvre grilled cheese with olive tapenade and rosemary ham, purple potato doughnuts doused in maple and bacon, and a crépe escape that puts the Parisian versions to shame. Share with your NYC bestie and use this list as a guide for the perfect afternoon…

What once housed the Nabisco Factory now serves as one of the absolute best foodie destinations in all of New York City— Chelsea Market (and considering how many places in Manhattan are devoted to all things delicious, that’s really saying something). But there’s a catch – there are oh-so-many options to hit up that many are left bewildered and befuddled. So The Tig got down to business and created the go-to guide for anyone from the international tourist to the NYC-based lunch-goer heading to the incredible place that is Chelsea Market.


Lucy’s Whey – You’ll definitely be tempted by Lucy’s artisanal cheese offerings, but you should really head there for their gourmet grilled cheese (like chèvre with olive tapenade and rosemary ham), which was named one of the top 10 grilled cheese sandwiches in New York City by Thrillist.

Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar – Attached to The Lobster Place seafood market is the C&P Oyster Bar, and if you’re not in the mood to grab a seat (or if it’s just too crowded), be sure to order a lobster roll (cold, with mayo) from their take-away menu.

Los Tacos – Fed up with the lack of authentic Mexican food in Manhattan, three friends from Tijuana and California decided to open up Los Tacos in Chelsea Market, and boy, are we glad they did! With a small, but delicious menu of tacos, tostadas and quesadillas, you definitely won’t leave this stand feeling anything but perfectly (or a little overly) full.

Amy’s Bread – One of the most beloved bakeries in all of NYC not only bakes up some of the crunchiest, delicious loaves, but also has one of the best sandwich lists to quickly pick up from while you’re near Chelsea Market.


Friedman’s Lunch – If your feet are exhausted from walking the city all day, don’t think that there aren’t any options for you within Chelsea Market. In fact, there are quite a few lovely places to sit down for a meal, like Friedman’s Lunch, which serves upscale comfort food in an intimate setting. Sit at their communal table if you’re in a particularly chatty mood.

Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina – One of our absolute faves in all of Chelsea Market has to be this Italian eatery. Sit down and enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner of top-notch pasta – all homemade in-house.


Bar Suzette – You don’t have to head all the way to Paris to find a delectable crepe – in fact, you can find one that’s potentially even better (yes, we said it) than a Parisian crepe at Bar Suzette simply because they have so many crepes to choose from (like their chocolate and coconut crepe or honey and almonds version).

Doughnuttery – Haven’t you heard? Doughnuts have replaced the cupcake as the hottest dessert in town. And if you’re itching for a doughnut, what better place to get one than the not-so-subtly named Doughnuttery? But these are not your average, run-of-the-mill jelly-filled desserts – these bite-sized doughnuts are made with high-quality, seasonal produce and flours. And they’re fun too – with flavors like “Urban Monkey” (coffee, banana, coconut) and “Purple Pig” (maple, purple potatoes, bacon), you’ll be sure to find something to scarf down.


Corkbuzz – One of The Tig’s fave wine-themed NYC spots opened its second location in Chelsea Market, and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re there to have a leisurely glass of pinot and a snack or want to take one of their wine classes, this is a must-stop while in Chelsea.

To read more about Chelsea Market and other NYC hotspots, visit The Tig by clicking through here!

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