CAP Beauty, NYC’s green beauty mecca, is beloved for their perfectly curated collection of holistic health and beauty tools, but what really sets them apart is that wellness doesn’t stop at their doorstep. For founders and longtime friends (we’re talking twenty years!), Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, their shared passion for pure, non-toxic beauty isn’t just the basis for a booming business; it permeates every element of their daily lives.

Creative recipes like this and transformation tonics like these are only the tip of the iceberg. From product-packed morning beauty routines TCM-dreams are made of to routine midday-breaks for facials and transcendental meditation, we’re learning how the ladies behind CAP Beauty keep it calm, cool and clean in the never-not-buzzing Big Apple… 


7:00 am

Alarm goes off. During the winter months. I find it much more challenging to start my day, during summer I have an easier time getting out of bed. I take a few moments to envision what I’d like my day to look like and practice a little gratitude. I’ve started to take a deeper look into my dreams as I’m working with a Jungian therapist and reading Inner Work, which is all about the merging of the unconscious with the conscious and dreams are a direct portal into my unconscious. I’m still learning about this but so far it’s been super interesting.

7:30 am

22 minutes of transcendental meditation (TM).

8:00 am

Head into kitchen and have a glass of filtered water from my beloved Walter Filter mixed with The Beauty Chef Glow. Then I start herbs and tea for my husband and myself. I mix up a big batch of tea, right now it’s pu-erh and matcha, with tons of herbs and coconut butter. I’m really into morning jing, astragalus, he shou wu, mucuna pruriens, golden turmeric and tocotrienols to jump start my day. Once that’s brewed I head back into bed, tea in hand, and have teatime and cuddle time with John and our dog, Beba. This is one of my favorite parts of my day.

8:30 pm

Shower and shine. I love Rahua Shampoo. I have baby hair and this is the best shampoo that I have found. It is nourishing and smells like palo santo, also known as holy wood, it’s one of my favorite rituals in the shower. After a quick rinse of my face I follow up by Marie Veronique + Kristina Holey Soothing Gel, MV + KH Protective Day Oil and MV + KH Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen. I follow that up with W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Stick and W3LL PEOPLE Universalist Stick in Creamy Peony. I also use Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Naughty: It creates the perfect amount of color for lips and cheeks. I love anything that has a dual purpose.

9:15 am

Get on subway, sometimes Beba comes to work with me, sometimes she goes to my husband’s studio. I listen to one of my favorite podcasts; right now I’m really into The Minimalists, Being Boss, Zestology and Dharma Punx.

10:00 am

At work and ready to start the day. Have a quick check-in with Cindy and my staff.


Head to a yoga class at Sky Ting or Woom. The perfect break during the day and a nice reset.

1:30 pm

Grab lunch with Cindy at Gingersnap’s Organics. It’s either a juice or one of her delicious salads. Jamie makes the best vegan and gluten-free meals in the neighborhood and we eat lunch there pretty much every day.

2:30 pm

Our days are often filled with meetings; it’s like a revolving door of interesting and inspiring people, coming through to share their ideas and plans. So much of our days are built around planning the future of CAP and this entails a lot of meetings. I work closely with Katie, our head of brand development, on projections, ordering, product development and strategy. Right now we’re writing our book so we’re offsite but still the meetings are happening.

4:30 pm

TM again.

5 pm

Matcha time and snack break. Moon Juice Rainbow Seed Crisps are my go-to right now.

6:30 pm

Wrapping things up for the day in the office and thinking about what to make for dinner.

7:00 pm

Head to Integral Yoga for groceries. I check in with my husband to find out how his day is going. I love cooking and grocery shopping so I look forward to this daily stop on the way to the train.

8:30 pm

Home sweet home. Put on some music, light some incense, say hi to my adorable beast, Beba, if she didn’t come to the office with me that day, and start cooking. Dinner is usually some combination of sauteed greens, cauliflower soup, beans I’ve made over the weekend and sauerkraut.

9:30 pm

Sometimes we’ll watch a show but mostly we check in with each other and go over the day. Talking at the end of the day has become a favorite part of our routine. We used to watch much more TV but that didn’t work so well for us. Checking in with each other and having that time to just spend together is really important to the health of our relationship. We also have more tea and herbs.

10:30 pm

I try to be in bed by 10:30, doesn’t always happen but it’s my goal. Read for about 30 minutes, I love reading before going to bed. Right now I’m reading Thus Bad Begins and Startup CEO.

11:00 - 11:30

Lights out.


6:00 am

My alarm goes off. I wake myself up, enough to realize what day it is, check to see who is in bed next to me. (Usually it’s my husband, Laurent. Occasionally my son or daughter… or all three.) Then I say a quick thanks for everything I have and everything to come. I also ask the universe out loud for what it is I want or need. Then it’s time for 20 minutes of TM.

After meditation, I head to the kitchen for a big glass of filtered water with lemon, my Klaire Labs probiotics, a pack of Livon Vitamin C, a couple of Quinton shots and all my other supplements prescribed for me by my great nutritionist, Dana James. I make lunches for the kids and a carafe of organic coffee in the Chemex that I’ll share with Laurent. And if I’m really organized, I’ll start a soup we can have for dinner that night. I love being awake before everyone else in my family. It’s my magic time.

By 8:20 both kids are at school. At this point I may fit in a run on the Highline or just use the time to hang out with Laurent, email friends and get dressed for the day ahead.

9:00 am

Back to the kitchen to blend up a smoothie. My typical smoothie includes: homemade nut, seed or coconut milk, Vanilla LivWell raw vegan proteincordycepsastragalusmoringa, ashitaba, probiotic powder, spinach, avocado, and bee pollen. I usually pack it to go and then head to the office. I’m lucky to be able to walk to work!

10:00 am

By 10 we’ve generally all made it to the office and the work day begins. At CAP Beauty, that can mean so many things! Meetings, design, writing, photo shoots and, of course, getting facials.


On a good day, we hit a lunchtime yoga class and then stop at Gingersnap’s for lunch. My go-to there is the Sunflower Caesar or the Cauliflower Soup, Daikon Chips and maybe a green juice.

2:00 pm

Back in the office where I generally work closely with our graphic designer, Brittany, preparing newsletters, postcards – you name it. There’s always more writing and meetings with partners, product developers, healers and our amazing staff. Erin, our content editor and PR manager, often has updates as we’re constantly working to make The Thinking CAP the best it can be.

4:30 pm

I try to take a break for another meditation. It’s hard to do in the office, so Kerrilynn and I sometimes head to an empty treatment room.

5:00 pm

Snack time! A green juice, blended soup, tonic herb drink or pack of seed crackers usually does the trick.

6:30 pm

I try to get home by 6:30 to spend some time with the kids. This time is sacred and I put the phone aside until the kids are asleep. We do homework, play a game like Candyland, talk about the day and read a story (or four!).

8:30 pm

When the kids are asleep, I get dinner going and head to the bathroom for my nightly skincare routine. Our estheticians really stress the importance of a more complex routine by night and this is the time our skin repairs itself. I wash with Julisis Silver Cleanser followed by a mist of toner, either the exfoliating toner from Mun or Hannes Dottir Mineral Mist. After that I use Julisis’ Gold Elixir, a blend of In Fiore’s Calendula Oil and Kristina Holey’s Barrier Restore and then follow that with Julisis Gold Emulsion and Eyemulsion.

9:00 pm

Dinner with Laurent. We almost never eat out and never order in. But we do keep it simple: Usually a big green salad with fermented veggies, avocado, seeds and olives and either a soup or chickpea pancake. Sometimes we open a bottle of wine and sometimes it’s just sparkling water.

10:00 pm

After dinner Laurent puts on a movie or show and I generally fall asleep next to him. If I have more energy than that, I read. Sometimes a new cookbook or biography, sometimes it’s just Instagram or Twitter. I follow a lot of progressive political commentators, artists and fashion types. These days, they’re all one and the same.

10:30 pm

On a very good night, I’m in bed by 10:30, but really, it’s usually later than that.

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