NYC Bite of The Month: Pressed Juicery’s Spiced Almond Milk

We’ve always had a love for NYC over here in LA, but now we have even more reason to obsess over the city that never sleeps. Pressed Juicery is bringing a little extra kale to the Big Apple, opening their first NYC location this past month. Eater Drinks editor, Kat Odell reminisces on the evolution of the brand and coming full circle with a seasonal favorite, just in time for the holidays. 


Pressed Juicery’s Spiced Almond


I lived in Los Angeles for many years before I relocated home to New York. I first discovered Pressed Juicery years ago when the operation was a lone stall in Brentwood, and that stall was located about 10 feet away from Bar Method, my preferred workout at the time. After every class I’d stop at PJ for an almond milk, which, really, was more like a delicious vanilla smoothie. A post workout treat. So when PJ recently went brick and mortar here in New York, I had to drop in for a taste of nostalgia. One of the seasonal specials going on for fall is a spiced take on PJ’s classic almond milk. And for me, with fall spices most appropriate for New York, that original Los Angeles beverage has come full circle.


With spices like cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg, this is the ultimate seasonal treat, excellent in cereal or simply neat. Or, add it to breakfast porridge, for a warming morning bowl. 

Where To Find It:

Pressed Juicery! Check out our brand new shop in NYC. 

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