We’re still deep in comfort food mode, but beginning to take a gander at just this kind of dish below from Inday in New York. Eater Drinks editor, Kat Odell is scoping out this brand new hotspot for a little Ayurvedic-friendly bowl action. We love that these bowls are light on the grains and heavy on the veg. Check out the best thing we ate in NYC at new healthy lunch staple, Inday. We’re loving this chic Indian cafe with a bowl-centric menu and Ayurveda meets modern feels…

What I ate: Inday’s customizable bowl.

Why I ate it: I love the idea of healthy bowls – both sweet and savory. But to be honest, I don’t want a huge amount of grain in there, even if it’s rice and it’s gluten free. And then I met newbie Inday, a fast casual healthy Indian-ish cafe that’s doing things a little bit differently. This is, indeed, a customizable-bowl spot, but here you’ll find “not rice” (my preferred base) made from shredded cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, to which I add a medley of pickled, roasted, and charred seasonal veggies – plus a protein like salmon or steak.

Why you need it: Think Ayurveda. Indian cuisine is, by nature, often very healthy on its own. And Inday gives traditional flavors a healthy, seasonal boost.

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