Obsessed with almond milk, hazelnut milk…basically all the “mylks?” Duh. Us too. But things just went to a whole other level thanks to integrative health and food therapy specialist, Christine M. Dionese. Christine is showing us how to add essential oils to nut mylks and we’re ready to spiral out of control – you with us?

Here is Christine’s winter-appropriate pistachio mylk recipe and her tip on using oils in mylk. We love Native American Nutritionals, Young Living and DoTerra for this. A note to readers: as always, seek the advice of your own health care provider and do your research before selecting oils and avoid if pregnant. Christine is a licensed health care provider who is experienced in using organic essential oils…

If you haven’t added pistachio to your list of alternative mylks, the winter months are the perfect time to cue up my aromatic (and sensual!) steamy pistachio mylk essential oil concoctions to relax and warm up. Super rich in B6, pistachios also offer the thymus and lymph glands a little extra help to stave off infection-causing viruses and bacteria we often become vulnerable to throughout the holiday season. To make that mylk personalized for when you need to relax, feel energized or create a little mix of both to pull you through the holiday stretch, try dropping in my fave essential oils.

While you can certainly mix all three together, I suggest trying each oil singularly to experience their stand-out therapeutic effects. When mixed together, you may experience an elated sensation!

essential oils to add to mylks: 


Think of this as your new winter nightcap. One of the sweetest and dreamiest scents to be around, jasmine can help send you into a long stretch of much-needed REM sleep. By balancing cortisol levels, jasmine’s indirect effects help regulate immunity while you sleep.

Neroli orange

In a 2012 study published by the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, inhaling neroli oil was found to ease down blood pressure and cortisol throughout a 24-hour period. Add neroli during holiday stress and raise your cup to inhale the steam for help with digestion, circulation and metabolism.

Ylang ylang.

For kids you serve hot chocolate to and for lovers, try sensual pistachio ylang ylang mylk! One of my favorite aphrodisiac-inducing oils, add ylang ylang after you’ve been stressed out or feeling anxious, yet want to make a connection with your partner or just energize your center on your own.

Pistachio Nut Mylk


1 nut milk bag
bottle or container for milk
small funnel


1 cup raw shelled pistachios
4 cups purified water
1- ½ vanilla beans
1 tsp ground cardamom
1-2 tsp cinnamon
1 ½ Tbsp maple syrup

Optional (per 6 – 8 oz of mylk):*
2-3 drops neroli orange essential oil
2-3 drops ylang ylang essential oil
2-3 drops jasmine essential oil


Rinse and drain pistachios well, they do not require soaking for several hours beforehand.

Blend pistachios and water in a high speed blender until smooth & creamy.
Add vanilla bean, cardamom, cinnamon and maple syrup. Continue blending to combine well.

Pour contents from blender through your nut milk bag into a bowl with a spout. This part may take a little while!

Pour contents of bowl into container or bottle (use a small funnel for ease if pouring into a bottle)

You may store in refrigerator for several days. Separation of contents is natural, so give your milk a good shake before serving.

Color will vary from light green to slightly brown, off-white or pink.

Essential Oil Steamers Method
*To make the steamers we mentioned above, add essential oil to mylk and opt for a steaming wand if you have on hand. If not, warm mylk over medium heat in a stainless, ceramic or glass pot until foamy bubbles begin to rise. Add essential oils as mylk bubbles and immediately pour into large mugs to allow inhalation of oils.

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