Paint the walls, buy a new couch, but if you don’t light an intoxicating candle we think all the rearranging is for nought.

There’s nothing that creates mood, warmth and a tiny thrill more quickly than a perfectly scented candle. Trouble is, some of them actually give us headaches and release toxic fumes. Not into it? Us either. Here are seven non-toxic, but gorgeously scented candles ready to burn, gift or both!

7 Non-Toxic Scented Candles We Love

Context Citrus Paradisi Candle | No, you don’t need another coffee – just a match. The combination of energizing citrus (tangerine and white grapefruit) and grouding cedarwood makes this candle the perfect desk accessory and workday pick-me-up. CHECK OUT HERE

non toxic scented candles

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle | Never let logistics stop you from basking in fireplace coziness. This candle captures that delicious, lingering fireplace scent with notes of smoke, oak ash, pine wood, birch and cedar. CHECK OUT HERE

Ellis Brooklyn Fable Terrific Scented Candle | In the kitchen or on the couch, wherever you’re nesting once weather hits be sure to have this candle nearby. Perfumey neroli and bright black currant creates a dreamy atmosphere, while amber, honeysuckle and cedarwood keeps things cozy – as they should be. CHECK OUT HERE

TO112 Beeswax Candle Palo Santo | Creativity thrives in these cozy winter months; coax it out with a high-vibe and deeply healing essential oil blend. The palo santo-centered aroma of this 100% pure beeswax candle will inspire calm focus, soothing introspection and an uplifted mood.

MCMC Maine Candle | Inspired by an idyllic winter-dressed island off the coast of Main – and the feeling of falling in love – this phthalate-free candle is just begging to live bedside. Bulgarian rose, salt air, pine, sage and musky myrhh is absolute perfection.

Red Flower Petal Topped Candle Wanderlust | Can’t get out of town this holiday season? Get transported by this mood-boosting, phthalate-free candle, inspired by winter in NYC. Think crisp, snowey air and toasty bark. CHECK OUT HERE

Mason Louie Marie No.11 La Themis Candle | This soy blend candle brings an air of clean planty freshness to a homey dinner party setting. With a 60-hour burn time, you can light up the eucalyptus and spearmint scent and leave it on all night long.

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