We’ve been inspired by Taryn Toomey’s yoga-inspired, body-mind-boot camp since the get-go. Recently, we were invited to an event with The Class‘ Sophie Kos based on The Class Relieve, a 20-minute workout with no sweat required. Intrigued, much?

We love the idea of simply getting back into our own bodies during or after a day of chasing class schedules, babies or emails. The Class Relieve is a quick, sweat-free option for those of us who want to efficiently clear the mind and flush heaviness from the body but are short on time or space, or both. In other words, it’s the perfect mid-day routine to move the body, witness the mind, cleanse energy and reboot.

Sophie shared this simple 20-minute workout routine to incorporate the classes healing effects into our day, anywhere, anytime. The result is a return and reconnection to self, in just a few minutes…

Create a playlist | One that gets you going and helps you clear your mind.

Stand up | Take a few minutes to simply stand when you start to feel antsy or jittery.

Walk around | Take a stroll through the office or allow yourself to get out of the space you are in.

Get tall | Once back to your desk, take a few moments to feel your feet on the ground and stand as tall as you can.

hands on | Put your hands on your body, if it feels safe, and take few deep breaths.

sound on | Put the playlist on (headphones, fine) and listen. Give your body some nice shakes, working from the ground up.

hop it out | Take a few hops. A few up and down little jumps can do wonders.

Shrug It | Shrug those shoulders, move your head around, maybe flutter your lips.

Listen in | Now just listen…This is the time to tune in to your body and do whatever it wants to do.

Get SteadY | When you begin to feel that high, slow down and get yourself nice and steady.

Take a seat | And now, you can sit and take a few deep breaths.

Feel the difference that you made for yourself with your own body. And then begin again.

We’ve been making this work-in part of our daily midday practice here at HQ. The team is loving how it makes us feel clear, grounded and present. These steps are perfect for anyone who feels disconnected, wants to open the creative pathways, or simply needs to reset and shake off the residue from a stressful experience, person or atmosphere.

Learn more about The Class, their new digital studio or find a location near you.

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