We first fell in love with wellness goddess Nitsa Citrine as creative director of our healthiest obsession, Sun Potion. Naturally, she’s become our go-to girl for tonic recipes and now, with her female empowerment project, Women With Superpowers in full swing, for overall high-vibe inspiration as well.

Join us for a typical morning at home with Nitsa that includes coconut cream matcha lattes, the most natural fitness routine we can think of and plenty of chill. Soak up Nitsa’s all-natural magic, then grab her Sun Potion-powered brain elixir below!

My alarm is set for…

Rarities! (I love to wake up on my own rhythm – most morning this lands between 6 and 7 a.m.)

I can’t start my morning without…

My favorite moment in the morning is…

Right when I wake up – I love to take a moment to meditate in gratitude for all the blessings in my life (all while snuggled up in bed).

Breakfast is normally…

Raw chocolate, probiotics and a morning potion full of good fats and tonic herbs.

Favorite morning beverage is…

Our White Dragon Matcha blended up with pearl, pine pollen and coconut cream!

On the best mornings I…

Am inspired!

Morning are normally filled with…

Rounds of tea.

Latest wellness obsession…

Activated charcoal – great for a gentle detox, especially while traveling and/or consuming questionable foods…

Favorite fitness routine…


Daily uniform this season…

Olderbrother indigo cotton sweatshirt and AWAVEAWAKE indigo organic silk trousers…

I get my creative juices flowing by…

Conscious breath.

Natural beauty product I swear by…

Current inspirations:

Existing in a state of unconditional love, joy and adaptability. I also recently launched a project @womenwithsuperpowers with my friend Tasya, which celebrates the feminine through photography and it is very inspiring to get to shoot and spend time with all the powerful women who participate!

I’m usually listening to…

My rather eclectic Spotify playlists or audiobooks.

My favorite morning distraction…

Fantasizing about Japanese food and hot springs.

Fave lunch order:

Mixed green salad with grilled salmon and extra avocado, hot water with lemon, enjoyed while sitting in the sun at SohoHouse in Malibu.

My current mantra:

Good things happen to those who hustle (Anaïs Nin).

The recipe I’m making now:

My brain elixir — recipe below!

Brain Elixir


6 oz ginger jun tea
fresh pressed ginger and / or turmeric
1/2 tsp rhodiola extract powder
1/2 tsp pine pollen powder
10 droplets of Diamond Mind Tincture (Dragon Herbs)


Mix together and enjoy the mood + mind elevating alchemy.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful look into Nitsa Citrine’s Routine’s and all things Sun Potion, the very best of adaptogenic herbs!

    Missy | 03.16.2017 | Reply

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