Staying In Or Going Out: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Beauty
Staying In: Nibmor Organic Vegan Drinking Chocolate

As long as you're staying in - why not make a thing of it? Nothing is as cozy and sweet as hot chocolate on a night in, but reading the ingredients on the average cocoa mix these days can leave you completely turned off. We love this drinking chocolate by all-organic Nibmor. Real cacao, like that contained in this all-natural cocoa, is rich in sulfur. Sulfur helps to build strong and beautiful nails, hair and skin. Pour a round of this rich cocoa for a gaggle of girls and have a  beautifying and absolutely delicious experience free from refined sugar, dairy and gluten.

new years eve all natural beauty

Whether you’re going out this New Year’s Eve or staying in – we have a few ideas that will help you get glowing into the new year in all-natural style. From the best in all-natural shimmering beauty products to the must-have masks to keep the glow all year round, we’re dishing out a few of our favorites for a non-toxic, beautiful new you in the new year.

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