“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.”  – T.S. Eliot

We love this simple idea for New Year’s inspiration from Goldpress Paper’s Alisha Sanvicens. We’re big believers in the simple power of a well-spoken word. We know well enough that both our emotions and our expectations follow right in the footsteps of our own daily banter. Harness that power and pick a meaningful word or phrase that will help keep you focused and inspired as you start a whole new year. Happy New Year!

Whether you’ve already made 100 goals for the new year or are in the anti-resolution camp, as a Chalkboard reader you’re no doubt on board with taking time to take stock of what’s been, and to re-calibrate and refocus at the New Year. We are resolution and vision-board junkies here at Goldpress, so this time of year absolutely sparkles with the potential and possibility of what lies ahead.

I founded Goldpress on the belief that words are powerful, and so are you. We love to help people tap in to the energy behind their words.

On the first day of this new year, here’s what we suggest: sit down and identify a word or phrase that will be your M.O. for the upcoming season. Create a plan to remember that word or phrase and come back to it throughout the months. Here are a few inspiration points to get you started…

Find your word: Make a date with your journal and start that stream-of-consciousness writing. You may already have an inkling of a fitting word/phrase for the season, but, if not, ask for it and then listen to what your heart is telling you for the year ahead. Don’t be paralyzed by finding the perfect word; it’s okay to pivot when a clearer direction appears later!

Dig in deep: Spend some time fleshing out what “success” would look like to you if you really allowed this word to permeate. Say your word is “freedom” – write or draw the word or create a Pinterest board about what freedom looks and feels like to you. How do you want to feel on December 31, 2016?  How do you know when you’re operating in freedom? And what do you need to succeed?

Tattoo. to. forehead: Okay, maybe that’s an extreme measure, but the point is – do whatever you need to do to keep this word front and center. The more you see it, the more you internalize it and can call upon it when you’re feeling otherwise. Write your word in huge letters on the front of your journal, write it in small letters on a post-it on your computer screen, make it the wallpaper on your phone, or paint it and hang it in your bedroom so it’s the first thing you see when you rise and when you go to sleep. Have a key from the Giving Keys imprinted with your word and wear it around your neck. At Goldpress, we print cards and posters with just this in mind – words and phrases designed to focus and inspire you. Pick one and hang it with washi tape on your wall or tuck it onto your nightstand. Just make it easy for your peepers to access that word at all times.

Share it with a friend: Need an excuse to gather with the girls? Get some friends together, bring pen and paper, and ask them to choose words too. Share each other’s words so you can spur one another on during the year! Get wine or coffee involved and you’ll be amazed at what comes up…

Check yo’ self: Resolutions often fail for lack of maintenance, so put a date on the calendar for sometime in February or March and do a quick check-in with yourself or with your friends. Has the theme or word shifted? What have been some wins? What are you still working on?

Picking a theme word is a really fun way to stay tuned in to what season we’re living through in life. It’s a simple tool that helps us filter our experiences and stay true to ourselves and the direction we’re headed in. Finding your theme word shouldn’t be arduous, so keep it light! Give yourself the space you need to focus on all the beauty and goodness 2016 is sure to hold.

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