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An at-home mani always seems like it’s going to be a fun moment of self-care — until we break out the nail polish remover.

Drying, messy and a true test of our spa-like state of mind, nail polish remover is the necessary evil we’ve been forced to fuddle with in order to get a good quick manicure in at home. Until now the beauty category has remained remarkably unchanged, so when we came across this polish remover cream we were skeptical, but full of hope. Here’s why we’ll use it for life and never look back (not sponsored, people!), plus the incredible new 7-free nail polishes you should use when you’re through!

THE SIGN TRIBE REMOVE AND CHILL ENAMEL ERASER | Akin to a bottle of toothpaste, this polish remover cream can be dotted on to nail beds quickly and cleanly. After just a few minutes, the cream (which barely touches the skin, unlike a stripping liquid remover!) can be wiped away with a tissue taking all nail polish with it. We’ve never experienced a quicker, cleaner and less annoying than with a cream remover! We instantly loved this product, had to check several times to be sure it was natural — too good to be true? —  and are thrilled to confirm that the formula truly is made with natural oils and little else. A must try. CHECK OUT

While we’re talking manicures, here are our favorite new non-toxic nail polish launches and discoveries to coat on once you try the cream…

olive june new polish

Olive and June’s new polish line  | We’ve been waiting for LA’s most adorable nail salon to launch polishes, like, forever. Olive & June’s new line is finally here, filled with skin-flattering shades of peach and pink we love — and everything is 7-free. CHECK OUT

veque nudes for all skin shades | Veque is a newcomer to the clean polish game and coming in strong with these beautiful nude shades. Their line of skin tone-inclusive nudes is impossibly chic — we literally love every single hue. Women of all colors define nude shades differently. Veque gets that and we love that they’ve created these beautiful options. Their polishes glide on like a dream and actually last longer than some of the most toxic polishes we’ve (unfortunately) tried.  CHECK OUT

J. Hannah’s new launch
 | We flipped when jewelry designer, Jess Hannah, launched a line of modern-hued nail polishes last year. From an almost-black espresso shade named Carob to this brand new, perfectly peachy gold color shown above, everything in the collection is 7-free and ultimately chic. CHECK OUT

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