5 Must-Read Books For Parents

From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, your nightstand takes on a whole new look, piled high with pregnancy books to tell you what to expect, when and how. Well, it shouldn’t stop there. And it shouldn’t always focus solely on the kids. Here are five books for parents (not just parenting books) I recommend for the months and years after the expecting phase, to keep you both informed and entertained:

Simplicity Parenting: You can read my more in-depth review of this parenting must-have here, but in a nutshell, this book by researcher and educator Kim John Payne talks about simple tips and techniques to raise happier, healthier kids in today’s decidedly not-so-simple world. His advice is easy to follow, straightforward and left me rethinking how we approach parenthood in almost every moment, big and small.

Bringing Up Bébe: I loved Pamela Druckerman’s insight into European parenting practices absorbed during her time in Paris with her newborn. She offers practical advice on everything from sleep training to picky eaters, and whether you love the French or not, it all makes “le perfect sense”.

Dinner: A Love Story:This is a must-have cookbook for moms and dads, no matter what stage of parenthood you are in. Food blogger Jenny Rosenstrach reinforces the notion of “family dinner” and gives you simple recipes and ideas to help implement it in your life, no matter how busy it may seem. I am a strong believer in family dinners and this book truly makes you fall in love with the notion…and some darn good fish tacos, too.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child:There are a ton of sleep training methods and beliefs out there and ultimately, you need to find what works for you and your family. Dr. Marc Weissbluth’s worked for us. He walks you through the science of sleep, our bodies’ natural tendencies and techniques to help your whole family get some rest… even colicky babies, like my first. And he does it all in a manner that is not extreme or stressful, which I loved as a new, exhausted mama.

All About Us: This last book is less about parenting and more about parents. Nothing shakes up a relationship like having kids and I truly believe that nourishing your partnership post-baby is more important than ever. This is a fun journal that you and your significant other can do together (I recommend doing it with a glass of wine…or two) to reconnect, remember your pre-baby life and get back on the same page on those days when you feel like you are hardly on the same planet.

Everyone has something to teach: What are your go-to parenting guides? Share below and let on what’s making you such an amazing parent!

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