With an instagram tribe the size of a small digital village, a line of coconut butters that give life to smoothies everywhere, and a few adorable mini-me yogis always in tow, Sophie Jaffe is living proof that her Philosophie superfoods really do give the kind of high-vibe energy she claims.

Amongst our regular TCM contributors, Sophie is probably the most energetic – and possibly the most bendy! We’re blaming it on the Green Dream coconut butter jars that can be found in every corner of her life — once you try the stuff, you’ll understand.

Enjoy this glimpse into Sophie’s morning routine with her boys, her yoga and all those superfoods. Get inspired, find a tip to work into your own morning and consider replacing one of those grouchy A.M. impulses for one of these intention-setting rituals…

I can’t start my day without…

A green smoothie created with almond milk or coconut water, leafy greens, fruit, and Philosophie Superfood + Protein Blends!

Breakfast is normally…

See above! And when I have five minutes the night before, I’ll prep a coconut-milk chia-seed parfait — these are so yummy and so filling.

My kids’ breakfast is normally…

Gluten-free Green Dream Waffles and fresh berries drizzled with Philosophie Honey.

My favorite morning moment is…

Seeing my babes’ faces and asking them about their dreams. That sacred time when the kids first wake up before real life begins is incredibly magical.

Favorite morning beverage is…

On coffee days, I have a big mug of French press coffee with dairy-free creamer blended with a dollop of Philosophie’s superfood-infused coconut butters. Chock full of heart-healthy medium-chain triglycerides, the coconut butter really helps boost my energy levels. It’s basically my own version of Bulletproof coffee!

Daily uniform…

Free People overalls, crop top and Berks every damn day. Or my Alo yoga gear — my workouts happen whenever I can squeeze them in… and I never know when I’ll want to bust out a headstand!

On the best mornings I…

Set an intention. I’m a huge believer in setting intentions each morning with any sort of affirmation, angel or tarot card and recommend making this a daily ritual to pair with your cup of tea or coffee. By doing this, you’re telling yourself how you intend to feel, which will help guide you in your choices and actions throughout the day so you end up feeling exactly how you want to feel.

I get my creative juices flowing by…

Journaling. It’s incredible how when you put pen to paper, you discover so much about yourself. There are surprises, dreams and revelations. I think everyone should take five to ten minutes here and there to get to better know themselves! Also meeting up with Philosophie team!

Lately, I’m listening to…

Too much rap and hip hop.

3 daily digital reads:

The Chalkboard, Well+Good, and my Insta feed! I always get so inspired seeing what my Philosophie tribe is up to!

If I don't do yoga at home, my fave studio is...

Power Yoga in Santa Monica or Hot 8 Yoga in Beverly Hills.

Daily non-negotiable:

Taking those leaps! Staying open to new opportunities, new perspectives, challenges, new friendships and new yoga poses.

My favorite morning distraction…

Getting a call from a friend or family member and catching up! Humans are such social creatures that connecting with others is invaluable and always a welcome distraction!

Parenting philosophy in one sentence:

As long as my kids are happy, loved and safe, everything else is extra credit.

I’m most inspired by this currently:

Podcasts! I love listening in the car on my commute. Anything from creativity to joy to business! I’m also very inspired by astrology and the moon and am reading everything I can get my hands on!

Weekend morning treats include…

Sleeping in and cuddling up with my hubby, kiddies and dog! Also, in terms of brekie… big cups of coffee, poached eggs and lots of avocado!

My current mantra:

I own this life I have created with my own hands, my own heart, my own intuition, my own actions.

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