Miller and Walker Cooper will never have to face that awkward moment when being dressed by your mom just isn’t cool anymore. That’s because their mom is also responsible for dressing half their peers as top designer for J.Crew’s wildly popular children’s line, Crewcuts.

When J.Crew first launched their kid’s line, Crewcuts, years ago, Jenny Cooper happened to be the only in-house designer with children. Now that the line’s adorable, child-sized versions of J.Crew classics (think tiny velvet blazers, crew neck sweaters and printed leggings – all with just a little more jungle gym-ready give) are deeply woven into the closets of cool kids everywhere, Jenny’s knack for that perfect mini-me look seems to be firmly established. The Crewcut look, which includes shrunken down versions of the well-crafted looks their parents wear, is balanced with just enough colorful, un-commercial, but whimsical feeling details, from metallic Birks to glittery high-tops, to make it child-friendly. This mom has her finger on the style pulse for the swing-set set and we’re coveting half the Spring lookbook for ourselves!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d catch up with Jenny, the “cool mom” every other cool mom relies on to style up those tots, for a look into how her own mornings go – dressing the children well for school, early morning foot massages and all…


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