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    ILIA Beauty
    • ILIA Beauty
    • ILIA Founder Sasha Plavsic
    • ILIA Lip Crayon, Lipstick and Illuminator

    When Sasha Plavsic’s younger brother (now an Olympian) struggled with severe asthma and numerous allergies, their mother refused the choice of conventional drugs and succeeded in treating him with organic food and homeopathy. That dramatic childhood experience later translated into Sasha’s own passion for organic products when she took her fashion branding career in the direction of natural beauty. The outcome was ILIA, Sasha’s chic and sleek beauty brand that is every stylish, but organic girl’s dream come true.

    Catching the attention of some of our favorite online shops like Spirit Beauty Lounge and Net-A-Porter, ILIA has blasted off into even the conventional beauty space – one look at her pretty metallic cases and shimmery, skin-flattering colors and it’s easy to understand why.

    We’re sharing a glimpse in on a morning with this young beauty maven as she continues to build this organic brand to new and more glamorous heights!

    • First thing I do when I wake up is...

      stretch!  If there is time, ten minutes of sitting and breathing helps set the day up right.

    • I can't start my morning without...

      a shower, clean teeth and my favorite natural lemon goat soap.

    • Breakfast is normally...

      a little fruit, alongside soft-boiled eggs, toast soldiers and avocado.

    • My favorite morning beverage is...

      green tea and, on days when needed, an americano.

    • The first websites I hit are...

      Net-A-Porter, New York Times, and anything else that looks interesting from an e-blast!

    • My daily uniform is...

      R13 jeans, T by Alexander Wang tops and Helmut Lang sweaters. ILIA multi-stick in Sway, and ILIA lipstick crayon in Call Me layered with tinted lip conditioner in Desert Angel.

    • I'm usually listening to...

      ABC Piano on the Classical iTunes radio station in the morning, which can lead to anything and everything on Spotify after lunch.

    • I get my creative juices flowing by...

      the time the caffeine has hit the system. Also, going for a walk around the block or brain-storming with my brother about new systems that always need implementing!

    • My favorite morning distraction is...

      brain-storming ideas that can wait until later, answering interview questions, and day-dreaming on the Tablet Hotel website.

    • I usually start thinking about lunch about...

      the time my belly says it's time to eat something or you are going to burn out!

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