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The perfect morning routine doesn’t require elaborate rituals and the downtime of a royal; just a few extra mindful minutes in bed.

Yoga Wake Up is a smartphone app designed to ease us out of deep sleep with easy stretches, light yoga and guided meditations from major yogi pros. Check out the story on their new bedtime features here. Yogi, meditator, photographer and artist Miki Ash shares a few keys to her perfect morning routine below. Refresh your own routine and enter to win a morning upgrade in the comments below… 

The older I get, the earlier I seem to want to wake up. Maybe I’ve lost my taste for evening shenanigans, but the early mornings just feel increasingly sacred. Mornings are a chance to set myself up for success in every way for the day that lies ahead. Infinite possibilities require a solid foundation, ya know?

With the seasons and, let’s be honest, my mood, my morning rituals change, but there are a few things I cannot get my day started without.


Meditation has easily become the most important thing in my life. It has transformed me over and over again, continuously shedding layers and revealing my deepest truth. It has taught me to love myself and to take care of myself. This in turn has helped me to love and appreciate others more fully and deeply. It has allowed me to rise to the demands of life with grace and ease (when I practice regularly, that is).


I love moving my body in the morning. Waking up my muscles and getting my heart rate up just feels so good. It’s not about getting in the highest intensity workout. It’s about treating this vehicle that gets you around all day with the love it sooo deserves. While I love going to all kinds of classes, lately I’ve been loving the intimacy of practicing or working out at home. Then I can stay in my PJs and have a mini dance-party sesh!


Thank you. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this breath. Thank you for my health. Thank you. Gratitude has become such a sacred and nourishing practice for me. It usually unfolds in two parts. When I first wake up, when I’m still in bed and usually before I even open my eyes, I send my gratitude for the day and for my life to the universe. It just makes every moment feel so special. The second half of my gratitude practice usually takes place when I walk my pup, Bodhi. I make sure to leave my phone at home so I can be really present. I take the whole walk to list the things I can think of to express gratitude for. And yes, sometimes I say these thank yous out loud, and, yes, sometimes I do get weird looks. It’s okay though, I just flash a smile and walk on.


My morning concoction is my favorite thing ever. I either blend matcha or make a little French press or coffee. In said concoction, I include MCT oil, a heaping tablespoon of ghee, collagen, reishi mushrooms or some adaptogen mix (chaga, lion’s mane, etc.), lots of cinnamon, stevia and almond milk. Blend up until frothy and enjoy! I love this as a meal substitute because it keeps me full and my energy sustained for the whole morning instead of spiking and fading. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Hope this insight into my morning will help you experience a little more magic in yours!

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