Think about your all-time favorite beauty products. More than that date night lipstick or that splurgey shampoo, the items we obsess over most are usually the ones that make up our daily morning routines.

This month, in our fall beauty series with Credo Beauty and celeb green makeup artist Katey Denno, our Editor In Chief Suzanne Hall has been breaking down top natural beauty picks for every occasion. Above, we’re talking about A.M. routines and there are a few picks you can’t miss.

Pop back through the series to find out which non-toxic lipstick Katey is most frequently tucking into red carpet evening bags, which beauty products are stashed in our desks here at TCM and some of the best-smelling body scrubs on the planet! Watch and learn, leave us your comments below to let us know what you’re loving yourself, and get the details on each product below!

CV Skinlabs Rescue Spray | This spray from CV Skinlabs is a TCM classic. Created for hospital patients, but obsessed over by sensitive skinned girls, CV Skinlabs is ultra delicate and effective. This light body moisturizer is perfect to spray on head to toe when there’s no time for body oil or butter. Absorbs fast, soothes and quenches and gets you on your way! CHECK OUT HERE

RMS Nail Polish in “Honest” | RMS sexy, modern and easy to wear shade goes on like a dream. 5-free, cruelty-free, vegan, rich color with non streaky finish, and salon-status glossiness. Katey’s tip: Pack up, then climb into your car in the morning with freshly painted paws, let the A/C blast while you keep those hands at 10 and 2!

Juice Beauty Eye Lift Algae Mask | If you haven’t discovered under eye patches, order these up ASAP! A good serum-drenched under eye will transform your morning – especially if it follows a long sleepless night – new baby, champagne or otherwise! We thought this version from Juice Beauty might be too rich for under eyes at first, but we were wrong, this brightening, gentle, luxe serum does everything we need it to. Obsessed! CHECK OUT HERE

Tammy Fender Awakening Eye Gel | Haven’t heard of Tammy Fender? Get to know her name well. All eye creams are NOT created equal and this version does everything we want it to. It aborbs really well, while also quenching, soothing, toning and cooling with a 100% botanical formula that includes elderflower, green myrtle, vitamins, herbs and flowers. CHECK OUT HERE

R.L. Linden & Co Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist | Katey’s favorite morning pick-me-up involves a generous spritz of this farm-to-face mist. Whether it’s a celeb client in her chair or a friend in her guest room, Katey swears these mists will refresh the spirit, prep skin and get the beauty routine going. CHECK OUT HERE

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