During this time of uncertainty, we could all use a little extra calming energy in our lives. To help us all get grounded, centered and reconnect with a state of calm, I’ve been incorporating this simple practice into my daily routine. I love it because it’s something that anyone can do, no matter where you are or what energy tools you have on hand.

While you can do this practice without any crystals, I recommend holding a crystal as a tangible reminder of your intention. The crystal can recalibrate your energy and help you connect with the healing energy of nature, something we are all lacking with the amount of time we are spending indoors. You can use whichever crystal you have on hand, but I recommend selenite if you have it because selenite represents light and is one of the highest vibrational energies on the planet.

7-Minute Morning Meditation Practice

Choose a crystal and hold it in your hands.

Follow this breath pattern for 7 minutes:

+ Inhale for seven seconds.

+ Hold for seven seconds.

+ Exhale for seven seconds.

+ When you have completed your 7 minutes, say out loud, I am light for 7 times to end your practice.

This is a quick and easy way to start your day from the highest frequency, but you can also do this practice any time you want to find your inner calm. If social media scrolling, current events or personal matters have you spinning, grab your crystal and deepen your breath to align with the light.

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