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Zoe Organics gets a score of zero. And that’s a good thing! On our go-to safe beauty product registry, the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, most of Zoe Organics’ mommy and baby skincare products get the cleanest score available: “zero” toxins. That and the cuteness of their original products (Baby bath tea? Yes, please!) makesZoe Organics a fun line that moms can rely on for baby, belly, and themselves too. It’s easy to neglect self-care when baby is on the way – or has arrived and wreaking havoc on your perfectly organized beauty rituals. That said, self-care is essential and we love these spot-on advice from Zoe Organics’ founder on how to make it a reality between naps and diaper changes…

As a wife, mama of three (ages 2, 5 and 7) and founder/CEO of Zoe Organics, life is very full. After experiencing postpartum anxiety with my third child, I began searching for lifestyle strategies and natural remedies to support my emotional health and well-being. Here are the seven strategies for emotional health and well-being for all moms that I practice regularly. Several have been incorporated into our new product collection of soaks, oils and candles especially for weary moms: Mama’s Ritual.


A ritual can reconnect us with ourselves and ideally, take us out of our task-oriented routine or frantic pace. I have jokingly called these my “mommy timeouts” because when I am torn in so many directions that I can’t think straight the last thing I feel is patient and able to respond to my kids’ demands in a loving way. So to avoid an adult tantrum, I have to create some space between my tasks and other stressors. Through rituals, I can reconnect with joy and creativity and sensitivity. A ritual can be anything from lighting a candle and having quiet time, a cup of tea, a hot bath, aromatherapy or getting outside and watering your plants. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Just choose one or two things that bring you back to a calm and loving head (and heart) space.


After struggling for months with postpartum anxiety, and feeling generally irritable and “off,” my friend and pediatrician recommended magnesium supplementation. I began taking a magnesium powder by Longevity Science called Magna-Calm and today I swear by it. My magnesium “tea” is one of my favorite daily rituals and it helps with a whole gamut of issues from hormone regulation to better sleep. Magnesium should be required during the birthing and early parenting years, right along with prenatals and folic acid. If you haven’t studied the benefits of magnesium, it’s definitely worth looking into.


Stretch + breathe. I incorporate yoga into my weekly routine and feel like a new woman after time on my mat. The simple act of breathing (really breathing) along with focus, balance, strength and stretching does miraculous things for my emotional wellbeing. It also helps me to focus on the present moment, even if only for a while.


Quality essential oils can have a powerful affect on overall health and wellbeing. It is not a coincidence they are becoming so popular in natural home remedies. Choosing essential oils and knowing how to use them is important too! I began creating calming and uplifting blends to combat anxiety and they have been incorporated into our new Mama’s Ritual collection.


It isn’t news that exercise is good for us. But if medication could be avoided by getting out and sweating, why aren’t more people doing it faithfully? A few key benefits of exercise are increased endorphins, decreased stress hormones and better body image. Need I go on?


Don’t skimp on sleep! It is so tempting to try to pack everything you weren’t able to get done during the day into the hours after the kids go to bed. Before you realize it, it is after midnight and you still have to get up at the crack of dawn with your little ones. Lack of sleep takes a big toll on our bodies and makes us less able to parent from the place we want to, with love, compassion and patience. Most nights I go to bed with my kids and even if I have to wake up for a bad dream or wet bed, I have been able to collectively sleep for at least 8 hours.


Give yourself a break and freedom to have a sense of humor about the chaos. We can’t do it all! If the house is a mess, it’s probably because you’ve been spending your time doing something more meaningful than keeping your house spotless. Check your motives and weigh the cost to benefits of keeping a perfect house, car, schedule, etc.  Chances are, you are a supermom and don’t even know it.


We’re giving away the full Mama’s Ritual collection to one TCM reader! Win the Zoe Organics bath soak, candle and aromatherapy oil that will leave any mother in your life more calm and uplifted. A perfect Mother’s Day gift! To enter, leave us your tip for finding calm as a mom – we’ll select the best reader comment to win our gift set. Good luck!

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  1. As a mom, it’s easy to lose yourself in caring for everyone else. I make a conscious effort to get out by myself to exercise atleast a couple days a week. It clears my head and keeps me calm and balanced.

    Kelly | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  2. The best way to find peace of mind and calm is to do something you love! Get away from all the chaos, even if it’s only for just 10 mins. You should always have a few minutes to yourself a day! I find that going for walks alone clears my mind or taking a nice bubble bath with some candles! Even just getting away to read a few pages in a book helps!

    Maria | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  3. The best way for me to find my calm is with a hot bubble bath reading a great book followed by peaceful meditation. We love Zoe organics in our home! Her cream has helped our daughters skin tremendously!

    Catherine | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  4. Mmm. I would say my calm comes before the storm. I like to get up earlier than the family. I will read, sip on coffee and maybe exercise. It’s hard to find time once the day starts.

    Margaret | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  5. I love evening showers and baths after I put my son to sleep. I use essential oils added to the bath water if I am taking a bath or soothing body wash/bar soap if taking a shower. Just the few minutes it takes to get clean feels like a rebirth… All the tension from the day (along with the spit up and left over food that got left on me) gets washed away and helps me to get a more restful nights sleep. And by taking a evening shower means I don’t have to wash sheets as often and less laundry is so thrilling to a stay at home mama! 🙂

    Karina | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  6. It doesn’t always happen but when I can make it to a yoga class there’s nothing better. It recharges me and enables me to face the day’s challenges. You can also never go wrong with a glass of red wine after a long day 🙂

    Marysol | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  7. going for a hike by myself, it reminds me of what I used to be pre mom. It fulfills my sense of adventure as best it can, for now.

    simone | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  8. I practice my breathing exercise every morning before my day starts along with a cup of tea!
    A walk in the park makes me calm and relaxes my mind.

    Grace | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  9. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder, and I am currently in the process of weaning myself off my medications using essential oils, meditation, and calming breathing techniques. A mantra I say to myself while taking deep breaths… Breath in “peace” Breathe out “calm”… And reapeat. I close my eyes and incision myself wrapping up all my worries in a blue silk scarf and placing them in a beautifully dec

    Amanda Laurette | 05.01.2014 | Reply
    • Weird, my full comment didn’t post. Thank goodness I copied, since I am on my phone, and sometimes ethings egt ddelte. Anyway, I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder, and I am currently in the process of weaning myself off my medications using essential oils, meditation, and calming breathing techniques. A mantra I say to myself while taking deep breaths… Breath in “peace” Breathe out “calm”… And reapeat. I close my eyes and invision myself wrapping up all my worries in a blue silk scarf and placing them in a beautifully decorated box. I then shut the box, hook the latch, and set it in the grass by cool stream, in the shade of the tree. I get in the back of a truck with my bare feet dangling off the tailgate, and some faceless person slowly drives me away. I see the box, and my problems, growing smaller and smaller, until I can’t see them anymore. I have soaked myself in deep breathes, positive thoughts, sunlight, and love. Those give me the ability to overcome my anxiety when I am feeling super stressed. I use lavender and tangerines oils to calm myself and lift my spirits. I use peppermint oil to ease headaches or upset tummy due to stress and tension in my body. And of course seeing my sons face light up with a big smile as we play and do crafts makes my heart soar. I am constantly working to keep my patience with him, as he is a pretty stubborn child, and can be difficult at times. I have gotten better, and I have noticed when he gets a worried look on his face after he knows he did something wrong, and I keep a calm voice, and talk to him kindly, he smiles and runs to hug me apologizing. It has also helped him control his anger, and remain calmer when he gets frustrated. Not always, but it has def improved. He’s 4 years old, so I’m proud he is already learning these techniques. I want him to grow up to be a strong, kind, respectful man. And funny. Humor is the best medicine whoever coined that phrase wasn’t lying. My son makes me laugh everyday. As do my fur babies… 2 dogs (one new puppy, yay!) And one kitty. My husband is my rock, and helps me stay calm when I want to freak over something. I guess it’s a combination of whatever works fr you. What works for me may not be the puzzle that works for everyone. We are all so different. And that’s the beauty of people. Uniqueness. Creativity. Passion. As long as you are striving to always be a better you, then I’d say you’re doing a great job. We are moms. And we rock! <3

      Amanda Laurette | 05.01.2014 | Reply
      • And sorry for all the typos. lol Maybe I should have typed this on the computer! Anyway, thanks for the chance! Great giveaway!! 🙂

        Amanda Laurette | 05.01.2014 | Reply
  10. I find calm as a mom with a phrase my mother in law always says, “this too shall pass.” It reminds me that no matter what it is–sweet toothless baby smiles, two year old tantrums, potty training, loving heartfelt snuggles–all of my moments as a mom to these babies is transitory. All of it will pass.

    Michelle T | 05.02.2014 | Reply
  11. When I am stressed during the day, I remind myself that this time is so fleeting. Sure, I won’t get all of the laundry done today, or even get close to finishing all the dishes. But, I get to rock my baby girl to sleep and that is much more important to me than anything else at the moment.

    Aubrey | 05.03.2014 | Reply
  12. As a mom of a very young child with another on the way, it is easy to spend all day long indoors. I’ve found, however, that taking the time to get outside, even if just for a short walk around the block with my son in the stroller, makes all the difference in the world. Stepping away from the housework and spending time outdoors gives me an opportunity not only to appreciate my natural surroundings but also to reflect, regroup, and get some much-needed exercise. It is also fun to point out to my son the things we seen on our walks, and he enjoys it as well!

    Nicole | 05.03.2014 | Reply
  13. A bath and nap can do wonders. Get someone to hold baby and go take care of yourself for a few minutes. It’s important to do things that make you feel human again. I am in the midst of it (with a 2 week old and a 3 year old) at this moment and it’s easy to feel like a milking machine and maid. But you deserve to treat yourself like a person! Easier said than done, I know. But so so so important!!!

    Lara | 05.04.2014 | Reply
  14. I make sure my little one is tucked into bed and I enjoy a bath with candles, a good book and lavender oil diffusing,

    Diana Hightower | 05.04.2014 | Reply
  15. Ok I am guilty of not taking time for myself. I know the whole thing of you need to take care of yourself first but to be brutally honest, I don’t. I work full time, some days we are so busy I don’t even take lunch and if I do it’s usually doing errands. Once I get home I eat, than play and bathe kids, clean than bed. I feel I need 2 more hours in the day and 1 extra weekend day. I know I need to find that time because at this rate I’m exhausted and crabby: ( I feel my life is just constantly go go go. I suffer from anxiety and postpartum depression, and I think a little me time would help. It seems when I do ask for it, people make me feel bad for it-why is this? The most time I might have for myself is 10 minutes to shower and this is with my 5 year old in there asking tons of questions. I’m hoping one day I get this straight. For now though I carry lavender essential oil around and inhale throughout day.

    Samantha | 05.04.2014 | Reply
  16. When I feel stressed, I gather the family and take a nice stroll along the river. It helps us re-connect with each other and with nature!

    Julie P. | 05.04.2014 | Reply
  17. When I first read this piece and the invitation to comment about calm, I couldn’t even think of my best trick. I have a rambunctious toddler and parent solo most of the time, things can get frazzled easily. Later, nursing my son to sleep, matching my breathe to his, or sometimes consciously slowing my breath down to silently ease him through moments of rstlessness, I remembered. I like to call it “mothering with my breath”. It uses the one tool I always have at hand, and helps to re-center myself and remind me of the pace and depth at which I feel strongest and best able to love.

    Scrp | 05.04.2014 | Reply
  18. Fulfilling my purpose as a human being, not only mom. I need to fulfill my dreams and endeavor, when I’m happy and fulfilled with my work everyone around me benefits from that.

    Piia | 05.04.2014 | Reply
  19. Love the magna calm tea but was wondering if it was still ok now that I’m pregnant again. Anyone know? Thanks!

    • Yes! Magna Calm is safe (and beneficial) during pregnancy. 🙂

      Heather Hamilton | 05.06.2014 | Reply
  20. I find inner calm by getting on by bike and having the wind in my face. It might be a short ride to pick the kids up at school or a long ride, but it helps to keep me focused.

    betsy | 05.05.2014 | Reply
  21. One of my best calming rituals is to go back into my journal where i write inspirational things, quotes or any story that makes me feel at peace…it’s a great reminder that it’s not all stressful, all the time. Emotional health is so important!


    The Chalkboard | 05.06.2014 | Reply

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