What city dweller doesn’t entertain a fantasy built on country air, lots of farm fresh eggs and homegrown seasonal veggies? Molly Yeh, the adorable food blogger behind My Name Is Yeh, moved from NYC and made her reality exactly that – then wrote a cookbook full of cute stories and inspired recipes – and we’re into it!

After setting up shop with her husband on his family’s Midwest farm, Molly’s new life “on the range” gave her the freedom to dive heart-first into her food blog and tap into the joy of simple pleasures like rustic heritage recipes and tahini-coated everything. Charming and playful, Molly on the Range is a perfect reflection of the person who created it, and we’re getting to know her a little better below….

Always in my fridge:

Tahini, unsalted butter, yogurt and unintended science experiments.

Fave veggie + what you make with it:

In the summer, cucumbers from our garden. I chop them up with tomatoes, herbs and onions every morning and have it for breakfast over yogurt with a drizzle of tahini and sprinkling of za’atar and sumac. In the winter, alliums. I make fried rice that’s like a 12:1 ratio of alliums to rice and then the whole thing gets covered in mayonnaise. It’s my favorite way to get vegetables in the dead of winter.

7 recipe staples always on hand:

Tahini, yogurt, chickpeas, cartons or cans of tomatoes, eggs, pita or tortillas, cucumbers, alliums.

Signature entertaining detail:

A cheese board with about seven times more cheese than is needed, sitting out for guests when they arrive because the food still needs about 20 minutes of prep. I actually think this is normal in most parts of the country – except in the upper Midwest where people arrive early or on time and are ready to sit down and eat immediately.

Fave ingredient:

Tahini and yogurt.

Best holiday food memory:

Making tons of dumplings with my family for our annual ‘dumplings of the world’ party.

Fave food from our farm:

Eggs and the rhubarb patch that’s been there for generations. I don’t eat a massive amount of rhubarb since I haven’t figured out too many ways to eat it that don’t involve pouring a bunch of sugar on it, but I like that it always shows up and thrives even though I’m an awful gardener; it’s really pretty and makes a way better gift for someone than a bouquet of flowers.

Must-have kitchen tool:

Rubber spatula.

Go-to clean proteins:

Eggs, chickpeas, nuts.

Fave condiments:

Ketchup, mayonnaise, tabasco, tahini, yogurt.

Best bargain tip:

Grow as much food as you can.

Best label-reading tip:

As few ingredients as possible and as little sugar as possible. Unless you’re buying sugar.

Food you love with zero prep:

Potato chips.

Fave recipe in my new cookbook:

Tater Tot Hotdish.

Favorite holiday splurge:

Fancy cheese, like Epoisses or the stinkiest blue available.

Your idea of an ideal dinner setting…

Me and my husband in our jammies, on the couch, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, eating a bowl of goulash. It is snowing outside and all of the dishes are clean and the cats are in so if we fall asleep in front of the movie, it is okay.

Simple go-to recipe:

Green crepes: About-to-go-bad fresh herbs, an egg, some milk and flour, salt and pepper, blend in a blender, check consistency and add milk or flour as needed (it should be like a thick soup), pour into a hot buttered skillet, cook on both sides, serve with a plop of yogurt or an egg on top and a squeeze of lemon.

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