Mini Makeovers with Beverly Hills Organizer Linda Koopersmith

Do you have a nook or cranny at home that’s a treasure trove of space but you just don’t know what to do with it?  Let’s get creative!

This odd & unusual space is in a closet located under a staircase. It’s a perfect spot to make a small home office or crafting room!
By removing old shelving, and sizing up your personal needs, you can turn a dumping zone like this one into a little gem that will delight you and, most importantly, give you a great space to be organized in!
Four 24″  x 36″ drawers give tons of great space to keep things stored and yet keep items as close as your fingertips! The light upper display case was designed to “show off” personal achievements!
Give yourself a boost by repainting the room & adding some wallpaper (this wallpaper by Walnut).
By adding a small table with a drop down extension under the staircase, we expanded this small space’s possibilities! Use for sewing, knitting or any type of crafting.  Cubbies here were designed for an avid knitter! I adore store-like environments in the home. Whenever I have an opportunity to bring that vibe home, I do!
Lastly, I love floating shelves. They are seamless structures that expand storage space without adding too much weight to a room.
You may have more space at home than you realize.  Take another look at those small nooks & crannies and be inspired by these mini-makeover ideas!
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