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I’m in my thirties. Okay, early thirties, but – like everyone – I’m aging. And before I get too far down the road, I’m trying to spend a little time focused on preserving the youthfulness of my skin. What I’ve already learned? Trying the best serum or facial treatment hasn’t always been the be-all-end-all silver bullet I thought it would be.  

Last month, I was given the chance to try mindbodygreen’s Glow From The Inside Out Bundle, which consists of their beauty & gut collagen+ and cellular beauty+ for a full 360-degree, make-your-skin-look-supple-af, complementary duo*. I’ll tell you this much: the results are clear and everybody (in my neighborhood) knows it.  

Technically, both items have to go inside to affect the outside, but we’ll get into the nuances shortly. 

Glow From The Inside Out Bundle

As someone who is quite obsessive about their skin and always open to trying the latest and greatest trend — slugging not included — it is rare that I’ve found a product (or bundle!) that has worked so synergistically to improve my skin at a cellular level.*

mindbbodygreen offer codeThe Glow From The Inside Out Bundle is one of mindbodygreen’s newest offerings and it’s already changing how people think about their skin health. 

The bundle’s modus operandi: Promote your body’s natural collagen production as you age, and attack free radicals and oxidative stress that can fuel inflammatory pathways and skin aging.*

I’m already editing down the amount of expensive creams and serums stacked in my medicine cabinet after using this powerhouse duo for a few weeks. My new routine goes beyond those surface-level supports to help reduce my early 30’s fine lines while enhancing my skin’s overall hydration, elasticity and smoothness.* 

BEAUTY & GUT COLLAGEN+ | Tbh, I’m no collagen virgin. Marine, bovine — I’ve literally tried them all in any whichever way they’ve come. But not all collagen is created equal, which is upsetting, considering my skin’s integrity doesn’t have time to waste!  

mbg’s beauty & gut collagen+ features eight high-quality, powerhouse ingredients for glowing skin, strong hair & nails, and a healthy gut, starting with collagen (types I & III) that has been sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised Brazilian cows. Always use collagen that has been properly sourced, y’all! It makes a difference.  

The goodness doesn’t stop there:

Synergistic ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, biotin, L-glutamine, turmeric, and sulforaphane glucosinolate from broccoli work together to enhance and improve one another’s performance, making it one unstoppable addition to your morning latte, smoothie, or tea.

Bonus: Their collagen comes in both unflavored and chocolate varieties depending on what you plan on putting it in everyday (and both are zero sugar).

best collagen for skin

CELLULAR BEAUTY+ | Think of antioxidants as something that your body likely always needs. Anything from your environment (*cough cough* LA smog) to your lifestyle (*cough cough* alcohol) to everyday stressors can create oxidative stress, which is essentially an imbalance between the free radicals in your body that wreak havoc on your cells and your antioxidants that are meant to fight off those free radicals. Too much bad and not enough good? Sounds like a formula for disaster (and aging).

cellular beauty+ uses four science-backed cosmeceutical ingredients to take your complexion from wow to woaaaaaaah*.

Powerhouses like astaxanthin, phytoceramides, bioactive ubiquinol CoQ10, and whole fruit pomegranate extract work in tandem to promote cellular rejuvenation and deliver key antioxidants right to where you need it most — your skin*. Get this: If you’re already using a vitamin C serum, that means you’re already into antioxidant protection, which means this is probably already up your alley.

My Mind-Blowing (-Glowing?) Experience 

When I started trying this bundle, I had already been taking a high-quality collagen supplement alongside an antioxidant supplement for quite some time. Transparently, I was a little on the fence about trying the Glow From The Inside Out Bundle. 

As something of a supplement snob questions like: “Is it just a fad?” “Can these products actually do what they say they do?” “What if I hate it?!” were all running through my mind. 

I stand corrected.  

Here’s what happened when I switched to mbg’s bundle…  

Every morning as a part of my breakfast routine, I would add a scoop of the unflavored beauty & gut collagen+ to my homemade bone broth (yes, you heard me) for some protein-laden, collagen-filled, pre-pilates sustenance. It not only dissolved easily, but even the parts that didn’t dissolve “perfectly” tasted pretty great, which I’ve said never when it comes to collagen powders.  

Then I’d pop two cellular beauty+ capsules alongside my other supplements and let the results show themselves. 

I kid you not, after week one of my two week trial, my nails grew like cuh-razy which led my mom to ask if I had gotten a french-tip manicure. I also started noticing less hair fall in the shower as well as new strands of growth on the front of my scalp*. As a Jewish woman with some stress-induced hormonal imbalance, this was a big deal! 

best collagen powderAfter week two, I started receiving compliments about my skin from friends, acquaintances, and again, neighbors, alike. “Your skin looks so taut, Annie.” “Wow, your skin is glowing, Annie.” “Are you doing anything different, Annie?”  

“Omg! I haven’t even been using my at-home microcurrent device lol!” – Me 

On an absolute high from these results, I went to the iron fist that is my naturopath for her final stamp of approval. She is both the judge and the jury when it comes to my supplement choices, so if she said, “no-go,” that was going to be it for my glowy bundle. 

“These ingredients look great. I actually have another client who loves this.” 

Signed, sealed, collagen-delivered. 

The mindbodygreen Difference 

mindbodygreen has dared to go where very few wellness publishers — or publishers in general — have gone when deciding to go from talking about products to making their own. 

After years and years…and years of educating the masses about holistic wellness, it only makes sense that mindbodygreen would utilize their endless bank of knowledge to create an innovative line of supplements that have integrity, quality, and results. 

For co-founder, Colleen Wachob, the Glow From The Inside Out Bundle was personal. Her hair started thinning and her skin seemed less firm after the birth of her second child, leading her to look for more innovation as far as robust supplementation went*. And voilà, this revelatory bundle was born. 

My Final Thoughts

What I love the most about the Glow From The Inside Bundle is that it’s a sustainable part of my health / beauty regimen. I feel good taking it every day, and it integrates easily into my daily routine.  

My naturopath gave me her stamp of approval, my dearest friends tossed me compliments and my anxiousness about moving towards my “mid” thirties has transformed to excitement. Most importantly, my gut feels calmer and my skin looks better. Bring it! 

mindbbodygreen offer code *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

All material on The Chalkboard Mag is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health-related programs. This story is brought to you in partnership with mindbodygreen. From time to time, TCM editors choose to partner with brands we believe in to bring our readers dedicated offers. 

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