The Anti-Aging Beauty Treatment That Could Replace Botox

THERE IS NO MAGIC wand for beauty and aging – but there are two. At least, that’s what we’re convinced of after a few months of visiting Mila Morgan’s studio to receive weekly rounds of medical grade microcurrent.

The non-invasive, age-erasing treatment requires no recovery time and provides results (instantly, for many) that rival some of the top plastic surgery treatments available. Sound too good to be true? We thought so at first – but having been surprised by the world of natural wellness many times before, we were willing to give this obscure beauty modality a try.

Mila of Studio Beau Visage is one of very few practitioners offering the rare medical grade microcurrent technology. Her patent pending treatment goes a step beyond other microcurrent machines you may have encountered at the spa. Mila uses two wands – tuned with various low level electrical currents – to gently prod the face and body to miracle-like effect: Think of those high profile ladies that appear not to be aging at all, and yet don’t look frozen or mysteriously… off.

We’ll be nerding out on this nearly-magiacl technology in two parts, beginning with its incredible beauty and anti-aging effects…

The Body electric: According to Mila, “Our entire body is electrical. Our hearts, brains and neurotransmitters. Our body runs on 500 microamps (Ua) and that is what I am introducing back into the body to reboot the electrical system. Microcurrent emulates our bodies’ electrical properties precisely.”  Mila considers each treatment session as a “reboot” for the body’s fine electrical system, each session building on the previous.

Cellular health: Adenosine triphosphste (ATP) which is the energy chemical for all cell function, is increased by 500% after treatment. Scientists have found that microcurrent treatments trigger the body’s production of amino acids and ATP, accelerating cell repair and promoting healthier cell production, making it a highly-healing, restorative and regenerative treatment.

Collagen + elastin: Some studies show that the cellular changes brought upon by treatment allow the body to produce collagen and elastin again – and not only that, but to store it long-term. Research also shows that the new collagen and elastin are better quality than the original. Collagen is 10% thicker, elastin fibers 45% stronger. The storage of collagen and elastin is key in the treatment’s ability to stave off aging.

on Inflammation: Microcurrent has a deeply anti-inflammatory effect which is one of the things that makes the treatment seem “too good to be true”. Inflammation is at the root of many beauty issues from puffiness and skin tone issues to acne and lax or sagging skin. By boosting circulation and reducing inflammation to the face, microcurrent fights many of these issues at once.

The treatment: Mila offers clients are offered eight sessions of medical grade microcurrent for the face. In our experience, the effect is visibly lifting and immediately calming from the first session. The cumulative effect of eight sessions is designed to rival the effects of a surgical facelift and impressed us completely. In a client’s 20’s, the treatment is preventative, but later in life it can be used to strengthen muscle and skin to dramatic effect.

On Botox + all that jazz: Botox reduces wrinkles and provides a lift by actually paralyzing muscle. Microcurrent does the opposite and can actually correct any issues caused by long-term Botox use. Looking to wean yourself off of the stuff? Microcurrent may be just the treatment to try to reduce your chemical load and still enjoy lifting and smoothing.

Our Take On Tech: Microcurrent and technologies like it are what we hope the future of beauty and wellness look like. While the tech might be unfamiliar or even confounding to some, we’re committed to learning more about the tools that can replace the conventional fillers, surgeries and other rather dramatic procedures so many are using today that provide no health benefit what so ever.

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