MiiR Aims to Make a Difference

Reusable water bottles are not a novel idea by any means, but what MiiR is doing with water bottles is revolutionary. Company founder and CEO Bryan Papé focused on functionality, style and philanthropy when he started MiiR in 2009.

MiiR bottles are made with your health and the health of the earth in mind.  All bottles are stainless steel and 100% recyclable, and each MiiR lid is made of BPA-free plastic. Bottles are come in three different sizes (400ml, 600ml and 800ml), start at just $16 and are currently available in six different colors.  MiiR offers two types of lids, the wedge and the wingnut, both available in seven different color options.

MiiR puts the power of design into your hands by allowing customers to choose their own bottle/lid color combinations.  You are free to pick a bottle that fits your fancy, mixing and matching to your heart’s delight. If you are looking for a little more flare, MiiR offers a large selection of skins that will give your bottle its own personalized style. Don’t see a skin that suites you?  MiiR helps you design your own through their Customizer tool.

But creative license in designing your personal bottle and environmental awareness is not all that MiiR has to offer.  For every bottle purchased, MiiR gives back in a big way through their One4One campaign.  One dollar from every bottle sold provides one person with one year of fresh water.  MiiR works with One Days Wages and other giving partners to seek out areas around the world where they can help provide basic access to clean drinking water.

Just last year, MiiR – in partnership with the non-profit Well Done Liberia – took a team to Africa to assist with and document the establishment of two clean water wells in the village of Buchanan, Liberia. But things do not end with a well.  MiiR’s giving partners, such as Well Done Liberia, work to educate the villagers where the wells are placed to make sure they are informed about how to manage and protect their wells.

To date, MiiR has provided funds for four water projects around the world, giving over 3,800 people access to clean drinking water.  MiiR is a company with a global perspective that is realized in a water bottle.  So next time you are feeling thirsty, reach for a MiiR and make a difference while you hydrate.

Click here to learn more about MiiR’s One4One campaign and make sure to visit www.miir.com to buy your very own bottle.

Photos provided by MiiR, Inc.

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