Message in a Bottle: The Power Of Intention

I first became aware of the power that words had on simple things like water when I moved to Los Angeles. I love exploring health restaurants and spiritual centers. One of my favorite restaurants, Café Gratitude in LA, has bottles of water for all of their tables. These water bottles are special, though, because every glass bottle has a word etched in the glass, such as Love and Peace. The words are not there for mere decoration, but they are there because they instill the vibration of the word into the water. After seeing these mantras on their bottles, I came across blessed water at the Kabbalah Center on Robertson Blvd. The water was blessed or prayed upon by Rabbis for a specific amount of time, thus infusing the water with the prayers. I even came across plastic bottled spring waters in Whole Foods that had mantras on them. It was clear to me that there was something to all of this—and that there was a trend brewing out there.

I did some research and discovered the works of Japanese author Masaro Emoto, who has studied the effect that words, music and emotions have on the structure of water. His findings are astounding, as I never gave too much thought to the idea that words or music might have any effect on the structure of water. One of Mr. Emoto’s findings was his examination of what water looked like under a microscope from a polluted dam in Japan. The water appeared distorted, dark and lifeless. A Buddhist monk then prayed over the same water for an hour, and the water was reexamined under the microscope to find a completely different image. The water now looked like a crystal structure full of life and light. Mr. Emoto’s research further found the affect that certain music did indeed play a role in the appearance of water. In addition, heavy metal music was found to distort the water, while classical music created beautiful crystal structures. Merely, writing positive words and affirmations on the sides of water bottles had a similar effect, where negative words made the water lackluster and positive words created beautiful formations.

Humans are made up of 70% water, as well as most living things on earth. It is pretty mind blowing to reflect on this concept. Henceforth, it is undoubtedly something to consider by taking more stock into the words and intentions we use in our everyday lives.

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