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From good gut health to great products, we’re stealing tips left and right from these five leading men of the wellness world. Men’s skincare routines aren’t spoken of often, but you can tell the ones who know what they’re doing. Skincare is often less of a priority for our male counterparts, but as these guys prove, it doesn’t need to be complicated to take great care of your skin – and it usually starts from the inside out.

Learn from a few of our favorite brand founders, whether it’s picking up on Tero’s shroomy lifestyle tips or dipping in to Andy’s incredible colostrum clay mask…

Romain Gaillard | Founder of The Detox Market

On Routine:
We are testing so many products at The Detox Market that my routine depends on what new brands we are trying. My bathroom is so full of products we have no space left! But when I’m free to do what I want, I like to keep the routine as simple as possible. I regularly use a sauna, drink Trusii Hydrogen Water, and eat fermented vegetables daily (healthy gut biome = healthy skin). Lots of good fats to maintain the subcutaneous fat supple and collagen layer thick! Avocado, grass-fed butter and coconut butter are my favorites.

When you feel good, it shows on your skin. Taking a relaxed approach is always going to be better than stressing about every little thing. Maybe this is a very French attitude, but a little wine, cheese, and bread, when shared with friends, seems to give the best glow.

On Products:
I alternate—depending on the season and my mood—between oil cleansers and powder cleansers. I am a huge fan of One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil (leaves your skin so smooth) and Odacité Green Ceremony Cleanser (unique experience, you are cleansing and treating your skin). For moisturizing, I love to switch it up here as well, but some of my favorites are Pai Calming Day Cream (gentle and effective), MV Skincare Rose Moisturizer (great for winter) and Odacité Summer in Hossegor (my go-to oil all year long). I have recently been obsessed with Gua Sha tools and Face Rollers. I really think that everyone should try it, the key is to massage upward, against gravity. It helps with two small kids at home to really wake up the skin. I also love Detox Mode Altogether Oil everyday, everywhere! This is my dream oil: fast absorbing, a light scent, super hydrating, but never greasy.

Casey Wojtalewicz | Co-Founder of Canyon Coffee

On Routine:
Over time, I’ve found that diet, good hydration, and basic oils have had a better impact on my skin than any step-by-step regimens. I use La Tierra Sagrada’s Jojoba Oil (got that one from my girlfriend Ally) for skin and hair after the shower, and also like using Wonder Valley’s desert oil for skin — especially if it’s feeling a little dry. I like the scents of both products. LTS’s reminds me of the prairie, Wonder Valley of the desert.

I think there are some basics, like avoiding greasy foods, corn syrup, and drinking lots of water, that are generally applicable to everyone having better skin. From there, though, everyone has a different physiology. For someone who enjoys wine, I’ve learned it’s crucial to know the makers and what they’re putting into their product. I guess one could say the same about anything they’re putting into or onto their body! It sounds like more work, but it’s our health, and I’ve found the process of getting to know the makers to be pretty fun.

On Products:
If I’m feeling really dry, I go for our friend Nucifera’s balm. I use juniper oil and tea tree oil like my natural hydrogen peroxide / first aid ointment, and oregano oil (topically and under-the-tongue) as a natural antibiotic. I’ve also started to use Manuka honey more often, especially for healing cuts. Our friends Luke and Gabi produce an incredible Manuka called Activist.

Sage Dammers | Co-Founder of Addictive Wellness

On Routine:
I think holistic skincare really has three main components- topical treatments, internal skin nutrition, and maintaining healthy hormones.  In terms of topical products, my routine is really quite simple. I think more often than not, skin challenges are a symptom of a more significant internal problem or imbalance that needs to be addressed.

Healthy, radiant skin requires a foundation of healthy hormones. Diet also plays a tremendous role in skin health. The dietary keys for the well being of my skin are minimizing sugar (no processed sugar at all), minimizing carbs, avoiding inflammatory and processed foods, and eating plenty of fermented foods and probiotics.  It’s amazing to see how the skin thrives when you stop feeding candida and bring down the inflammation.  Also, when you’re consuming lots of sugar, you experience produce more advanced glycation end products, which cause cross-linking of the DNA… in layman’s terms- WRINKLING!  So minimizing sugar and carbs can do wonders for slowing the aging of your skin.

On Products:
I love making my own clay masks for cleansing, exfoliation, and enhancing circulation.  I use one teaspoon each of French Green clay, Rhassoul clay, and Bentonite clay combined with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I love how much circulation this stimulates and how my skin feels afterwards! My skin tends to be quite oily, so this combo works really well for me. But if someone has drier, more sensitive skin, he or she might want to leave out the Rhassoul clay. I really enjoy doing a clay mask before shaving, as it makes all the hairs stand up, allowing them to come off so easily.  And then after shaving, I use the Kion Serum, which suits my skin very well.

In the supplement realm, taking high doses of B5, which helps with fat metabolism, was really transformational for me in my skin journey.  When I was really breaking out, I started taking 3 grams with each meal and eventually weaned down to only taking that dose a few times a week. I’m also very passionate about traditional herbal systems of indigenous cultures and love incorporating some of these herbs into my internal skincare routine.  My favorites are our tremella mushroom, which supports hyaluronic acid production, our Blue Butterfly Pea Flower, which inhibits glycation, chaga, which is anti-bacterial, immune  enhancing, and high in melanin, pearl powder, which supports collagen products and purifies the skin, and schizandra, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the elements, allows the skin to hold moisture, and supports both Stage 1 and Stage 2 liver detoxification.

Tero Isokauppila | Founder of Four Sigmatic

On Routine:
I have a rule for my skin and skincare. I don’t put anything on my skin that I couldn’t also eat. Seriously. That means my moisturizers are organic oils, aloe vera, and shea butter. I’m still puzzled as to why more people don’t realize that everything we put on our skin absorbs through our skin. When you take a magnesium salt bath, you relax. When you bath in beer (I have a funny story on this one), you get drunk. I also wash my face only every other day. I find that my body’s natural oils and protections do their job, and I really only need to wash my face if I’ve been on a hike (hi dirt!), swimming, or traveling. I’ve found that most people really do too much with their skincare. Less, but better, is key to my skincare routine.

Your skin really is mostly an inside out job. The health of all your other organs will show up first in your skin. So that means focusing on: gut health (eating lots of prebiotic fiber to support the good bacteria in your gut), hydration (plenty of good old water every day), deep sleep (and maybe even naps too!), nutrition (whole foods, full of antioxidant properties), and stress management (adaptogens are natural plant compounds that can help your body to balance and adapt to stress better). For me, I eat a whole food diet with a lot of functional mushrooms and adaptogens every day. I take a nap every single afternoon. I prioritize sleep. I get gentle movement in the nature as many days as I can. I relieve stress through connection with the people in my life and a gratitude practice. These habits help to support my overall well-being. Glowing skin is just a side benefit.

On Products:
Because I only apply ingredients to my face that I would eat, that means I’m shopping at the grocery store, not at the drug store. Cacao butter, shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil and essential oils are my main go-tos. Rose water is also a wonderful toner. But doing this kind of experimenting and concocting mixtures in my kitchen takes a lot of patience. And I know most people don’t have the time or knowledge to do this for themselves. So I recently created a fully edible skincare line. With my new Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic and Superfood Serum, not only can you eat them, but your whole body will benefit from eating them. These two products are the backbone of your skincare routine.

Andy Hnilo | Founder of Alitura Naturals

On Routine:
I use my own Alitura products, including 5-minutes of Derma Rolling with a titanium micro-needle Alitura Derma Roller, followed by 10 minutes in front of a Joovv Red Light for optimal collagen synthesis. I top it off with Alitura Clay Mask (just a little biased). Let it completely dry then rinse off. Moisturize after – trust me when I say that your skin has never felt anything like it. I do that at least 3-4 times a week with incredibly consistent results.

On Products:
My favorite go-to is my Alitura Pearl Cleanser, Clay Mask, and Gold Serum.

What’s your go-to routine? Have any great tips? Share them below!

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