Later this week, we’re joining fashion powerhouse and former Jimmy Choo Creative Director, Tamara Mellon, for a fashion and career gathering like no other.

As Los Angelenos, we couldn’t be more excited about all the fashion happenings here on the West Coast lately. L.A.’s particular brand of style seems to be influencing the fashion-minded more than ever before and the amount of world-class fashion shows popping here in town is unprecedented (hello, Moschino!). With the tech world right here in our own backyard, the future of fashion for L.A. sure does look bright.

Fashion and wellness are very matchy-matchy lately. No matter how current your street look, if you’re not rocking it with a bottle of green juice or a bowl of acai, we’re not sure it qualifies as very “2016”.

Join us this Thursday as we meet Tamara Mellon and a group of her favorite women in fashion to talk about career, women helping women and her yet-to-be-revealed plans to revolutionize the luxury shoe industry (plus the rockstar team she’ll need to make it happen!). If you’re a culotte-rocking, green juice swilling reader who is based in L.A. RSVP to join us at this unique and disruptive gathering of lady bosses. More information and the invitation can be accessed here.

Non-L.A. readers, don’t despair! We asked Tamara to share these killer career tips and we’re loving every word of it.

Trust your gut

Be confident in you!

Have strong work ethic

Success doesn’t magically appear.

Know your value

If you feel something, say something.

Be collaborative

It brings out the best in others.

Know the news

Read newspapers, websites, blogs – anything that informs you of what’s happening in culture and the world, especially outside of your comfort zone.

Dress the part

A killer pair of heels makes you walk taller.


Never complain without a solution.

Question Everything

Think outside the (shoe) box.

Listen, Listen, Listen

To your colleagues, your employees, to your customers. This is key.

Love Your Mistakes

They make you who you are. I talk about all of mine in my book, In My Shoes.
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