Meet the visionary producers behind the documentaries Food Matters and Hungry For Change and find out what inspires them!

We’re thrilled to welcome James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch as our June Guest Editors!  James and Laurentine are our second ‘couple’ to serve as guests and the powerhouse duo behind a few of our favorite documentaries. This summer the couple are operating at full speed, finally releasing their latest project, Hungry For Change. We’ll be sharing educational stories, giveaways, green juice and surprises all throughout the month from this green power couple and we hope you come to love these two as we do…

Dear Chalkboard readers,

We feel so lucky and honored to be picked as guest editors this month on The Chalkboard. We love their fresh and healthy approach to life and together we hope to really jazz up June with lots of great health tips, delicious juices and fabulous green drinks!

For those of you that don’t yet know us, James and I are nutritionists turned filmmakers with a strong passion for helping people get their health on track. We’ve produced two documentary films, ‘Food Matters‘ and our latest ‘Hungry for Change‘ which have been seen by millions on Netflix, iTunes and DVD all around the world. People are ignited with hope and belief when they watch these powerful films and feel compelled to share it with their families and friends – it has really sparked a bit of a revolution! Of course, the power lies in bringing together top health professionals to convey a strong message that is: our health is in our hands.

It all started for us in 2007. James’s dad Roy had been very ill and had been bedridden for five years, diagnosed with chronic fatigue. We called it burnout middle-age syndrome as his body had taken the toll of many years of hard work, stress and anxiety. Trusted family doctors and psychologists couldn’t give him any reasons for the illness and they had him on a host of prescription meds and heavy tranquillizers for his night sweats and anxiety attacks. James and I were studying nutrition at the time and knew there were so many things he could do naturally to combat the illness, but Roy was hard to convince. He wouldn’t read the books we were sending him and was indoctrinated by the medical profession that there was nothing he could do except keep taking the drugs to alleviate the symptoms. After he slipped into a heavy depression, James and I knew we needed to take matters in our own hands. We helped him do a detox to rid his body of all the poisons and got him on lots of green juices, superfoods, supplements and sprouts to cleanse his body. This helped demonstrate the body’s innate self-healing powers and before long Roy did not need the drugs any more. Long story short Roy completely recovered, lost 20 pounds and today has his body and life back. He inspired us to share this message with countless others that are suffering from a chronic illness and are stuck in the ‘revolving door syndrome’ of the modern medical system.

Every year chronic illness rates are going up. So are obesity rates – statistics are now showing that by 2030, fifty percent of all U.S. adults will be obese. We all know someone in our family that is dealing with a chronic illness or a weight issue. Unfortunately, most US households are just one diagnosis away from financial bankruptcy with so many uninsured. So it’s now, more then ever, of ultimate importance that we take our health into their own hands.

We care deeply about our brothers and sisters on this planet and that’s why it’s our mission here at Food Matters to re-ignite the power of nutrition and natural medicine. We hope to inspire people to cook at home again, to cleanse their bodies and look and feel amazing from the inside out. Luckily, there are many natural alternatives out there, all we need to do is look to nature for the answer. We can all play a part in this cause by becoming aware and starting mini-revolutions in our own communities. Little by little, we can all light up this world!

Love and blessings,

Laurentine ten Bosch
Producer, Director
‘Food Matters’ & ‘Hungry For Change’

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