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Meet alignmode founder, Amanda Wagner. Her own meditation journey began over a decade ago as she soaked up online recordings on manifestation and mindset. Like so many brand founders, Amanda decide to create the product she herself needed, as she yearned for more specific messages on mindset and law of attraction manifestation. Alignmode was born to provide meditations to suit the specific circumstances many of us face everyday. Here’s Amanda on the value of guided meditation and what it means to be ‘aligned’…

This year, I finally decided to create what I was looking for – an on-demand manifestation/meditation app that fits into any lifestyle. The Alignmode app provides manifestation prompts and meditations designed for intentions of all kinds, there are even meditations for kids, including a few pre-bedtime routines our family uses every day.

I believe everyone has intuitive, inner, energetic signals. By opening ourselves up to manifestation style meditations, we can get into better “alignment” with that inner knowing.alignmode app founder

We want to help people become more aware of their own attracting capabilities and to cultivate a deeper ongoing awareness of their own mindset. Through meditation, we’re teaching ourselves to recognize what it feels like to be in and out of alignment. I’m constantly striving for the feeling of ease and flow and with Alignmode I want to help others do the same. TCM Readers can try Alignmode for 7 days free here.

8 Guided Meditations to Become Aligned with Your Best Self

01 Start Each Day with Great Energy | Recommended Track: “Easy Morning Intentions”
Intentions we set for ourselves early in the day, act as a ripple effect and project out into the rest of the day. Get out ahead of it by waking up with this morning meditation.

02 Know That You Are Worthy | Recommended Track: “Remind Yourself of Who You Are”
Whether you need a nudge or a complete shake up – Listen to these affirmations to help you return to an empowered mindset and reconnect to your source.

03 Practice Self Care | Recommended Track: “Self Care During Your Period”
Modern lifestyles can be demanding of our energy everyday of each month. However, surrendering to the natural slowness of your cycle with this focused meditation can ease any symptoms and help you connect to your body.

04 Manage Stress & Anxiety | Recommended Track: “Calm Before A Flight”
Fear of flying is a common affliction for travellers. This calming meditation can help to ease your nerves before boarding your next flight and allow you to focus on the appreciation of the journey.app

05 Navigate Through Heavy Emotions | Recommended Track: “Healing From Heartbreak”
The most important relationship we ever have is the one we have with ourselves. Allow space to move through heavy emotions with this heart centred guided meditation.

06 Personal Growth | Recommended Track: “Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs”
A belief is simply a thought you continue to think. We all have unlimited potential and Identifying and moving away from old limiting belief patterns can propel our lives to incredible heights.

07 Create Optimal Health & Wellness | Recommended Track: “Caring For Your Vagus Nerve”
Use this ancient yoga technique to calm your entire body. The vagus nerve system acts to counterbalance the fight or flight system and can trigger a relaxation response in your body. By stimulating it we can receive powerful health benefits.

08 Manifest Your Desires | Recommended Track: “Attracting Abundance While You Sleep”
Tap into your subconscious mind and program yourself to the frequency of abundance while you sleepmeditation app

Alignmode also provides a selection of meditations just for kids. Use them at bedtime, while traveling or for the provided themes like Making New Friends and Get Silly! Try the Alignmode app for 7 days free. 

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