We get giddy over interviews like this one from food god, Mark Bittman. The former New York Times columnist – the country’s first first food-focused Op-Ed columnist for a major news publication – is also the author of 20 acclaimed books and has made an indelible impression on the way America eats.

Years ago, Mark shared a wildly easy recipe for homemade bread that sparked a global baking frenzy. His series of How to Cook Everything books taught so many to cook – well – everything and his focus on veganism has made foodie inroads for so many. He’s been pushing the conversation about veganism, holistic health and climate change for long before they became popular topics, and we love him for it.

His brand new cookbook Dinner For Everyone is hugely useful for vegans and flexitarians alike. The gorgeous collection of recipes can all be made in three styles: “easy, vegan or perfect for company”. Genius!

Check out Mark’s delicious responses to our In The Kitchen feature here, then enjoy the entire series with acclaimed chefs, restauranteurs and other foodies…

Always in my fridge:

Parmesan, anchovies, miso, capers and peanut butter.

Recipe staples I always have on hand:

Well, see above. That, and olive oil, lemons, onions, garlic, butter (always in fridge, I guess), soy sauce, eggs (on the counter).

Favorite ingredient:

That’s tough! Garlic.

Best food memory:

My father scrambling eggs when I was a kid.

Favorite cookbook:

Midnight snack perfection:

Pasta with butter, fresh sage and parmesan. You might even put a fried egg on top.

Food you love to eat with zero prep:

Good bread.

Must-have kitchen tool:

One great knife.

Must-have munchies:

Salted peanuts.

Favorite condiments:

Pimenton, black pepper (taken seriously) and lemon.

Go-to clean protein:

Catch of the day, but for real.

Best bargain tip:

Get the best stuff you can afford.

Best label-reading tip:

Fewer ingredients equals better food.

Favorite veggie + what you make with it:

Really good zucchini, steamed and buttered.

Craziest thing I buy at the market:

Things I don’t know how to cook!

Favorite splurge:


Ideal dinner setting:

Beach blanket on Ballston Beach, Truro, Cape Cod, MA.

Signature entertaining detail:

Well-worn, soft, lovely napkins.

Simple go-to recipe:

I get a lot of great feedback on my cacio e pepe recipe. It’s a simple dish, but it needs to be done right or it can clump up. Mine won’t!

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