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Every so often, a famous athlete or actor is thrust into the spotlight at a young age and seems to find themselves at a loss for what comes next. While we can imagine the oddities and exhaustion of what that experience could be like, we secretly like to think we’d handle it like Maria Sharapova, the tennis star who, at age 18, became a world champion and yet found her way into a “second life” with multiple business ventures and new skillsets — design among them.

According to her recent feature in Architectural Digest, every designer and craftsman who worked with Sharapova insists she was the ultimate client, deeply devoted and invested in the home’s final look and feel.

“I was inspired by Japanese architecture and minimalist aesthetics,” Sharapova told AD. “I didn’t grow up with lots of stuff around. For me, uncluttered means healthy. If you don’t use something, you don’t need it.”

My style in 3 words: Minimal, elegant, and comfortable.

Project I’m most excited about currently: Launching my first-ever furniture collection with Rove Concepts! Two years in the making, I am really looking forward to seeing the creative ways people interact with the collection as pieces become a part of their own homes.

Staples of my morning routine: Very simple, but hydrating is key to my mornings. I spent many years in humid climates and consistently focused on hydration. I warm up a cup of water, and squeeze half a lemon into it and then the coffee awaits. It’s my reward!

Moving my body too. Even if it’s a quick 15-minute stretch or a core activation routine, it sets my intention for the day. Strong body, strong mind.

To me, design is all about… Perspective and evolution. Great design results in pieces and spaces that live and breathe – a piece of furniture or art should be able to grow with you and work in multiple spaces and times in your life.

Favorite piece in the new collection: The coffee tables. Their shape and texture execute elegantly and they can be used indoor or outdoor— versatility that was very important to me throughout the design process. I wanted the pieces to feel like a natural extension of people’s homes, furniture that could both complement existing pieces, but also mold to changing lifestyles over time.

What inspired the furniture collab? Art and design have always been passions of mine, but I really developed my knowledge and interest in design building my own home a couple years ago. It was a personal project that only heightened my excitement to continue learning in the space, so when the opportunity to collaborate with Rove Concepts came up, it felt like a natural extension to my home project.

Simplest way to refresh a room at home: Long branches in a vase.

Design trend you love lately: Material science and sustainable efforts in brands such as Pangaia.

Design trend you’re ready to see go: Socks with slides. 

What is keeping you sane at home currently: My Bala weights have kept my at-home workouts much better looking and challenging!

design elements that contributes to your ‘wellness’: The Japanese maple tree we planted last year. I’ve watched the leaves turn all different colors in the past 12 months. Who knew pruning a tree could be so meditative?

Non-negotiable habits for wellness at home lately: Phones off during meals.

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