Mari Andrew’s unmistakable wit and style have made her one of the most beloved illustrators on the ‘gram. The NYC-based writer first turned to illustration as an outlet when she was going through a season of personal grief. Quickly her playful but poignant drawings gained her a devoted audience of over one million Instagram followers.

Mari’s new illustrated workbook, Getting There – a workbook for growing up and book of charming life-occasion postcards serve up exactly what we’re looking for from the talented artist — as does her interview below. Her ultimate message is that we should recognize and embrace that we all are going through something and the best way to move through tough times is to acknowledge there’s always a bright side and a lesson to be learned.

Get In The Studio with Mari in the latest installment of our series with artists we love — dive into their creative process and find out what keeps them inspired in their work.

To get the creative juices flowing: I listen to Bossa Nova.

Daily necessity: A really good breakfast with lots of butter.

My favorite current project is: Learning how to dance Flamenco! Work-wise, writing a book.

Favorite object in the studio: The Sharpie pens I use: cheap, satisfying, useful.

Current inspirations: Hydrangeas, Rilke, books about travel, flamenco dancers, sunny mornings, rainy nights, falling in love, heartbreak, talking to people who are really in touch with their emotions, first dates, long walks alone, autumn, soulful music, Greek mythology, big cities, South America, painted ceramics, my friends, red wine, long dinners and strangers with good energy.

Soundtrack in the studio: Mac Miller

Most common visitors to the studio: Mice?

Favorite spots in the neighborhood: Tompkins Square Park, The Immigrant, my corner bodega

Other photographers/artists inspiring me right now: Jon Batiste, Jedediah Jenkins, Ashley C. Ford

Whey I’m not in the studio I am: On my yellow couch, eating or chatting or journaling or watching Golden Girls.

My art supply obsession: The paint color fuchsia.

Favorite gallery/museum in the city: The Cloisters!

Currently reading: Instructions For A Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell

Organizational item I can’t live without: My paper calendar.

My aesthetic in three words: Changes with mood.

Current mantra: Be a blessing.

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