Mantra Monday: Keeping The Flow of Prana

Prana is our life-force.  It’s our breath, flowing through us at all times, and our energy, traveling through channels in the body called nadis.

We can harness this energy through the bandhas, like mula and uddihyana, and through focused, concentrated, controlled breathing (pranayama).  When you begin to tap into this energy, essentially becoming aware of what has always been there, you can use it as fuel for the asana practice and for your entire life.  Without awareness, prana is intangible, but as the tiny flicker of awareness begins to dawn, prana can become very real.  Think about energy flowing through your body and try to become aware of subtle shifts in your energy levels.  See how engaging the bandhas can become like a lock keeping this energy in your body moving upwards.

Breathe deeply and fully to keep prana flowing and release stagnation.

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