Mantra Monday: Keep Your Practice Fresh

Yoga is about controlling your mind and mastering yourself. Taking a different class outside of your regular routine is an amazing way to challenge yourself and remain pliable, flexible and open in your practice. Taking a meditative class instead of the usual sweaty flow lets you tune in to your body and practice in a new way. Challenging yourself to a physical practice when you usual take it slower makes you feel amazing and exhilarated.

I practice Jivamukti yoga the most and am absolutely enamoured with the practice and teachers. But I love taking classes at other studios, too, because it keeps me open to the many ways yoga can be approached, taught and practiced. Yesterday I took a community class at Silver Lake Yoga and the change of pace was so nice. I don’t need to push myself and sweat to have a class that’s beneficial and inspiring. Quieting down, embracing the silence and moving slowly felt luxurious and much-needed.

Be bold and not rigid (the sign of true strength) in your practice and you prevent it from becoming dull. Even just bringing a new perspective or intention to your regular class can help enliven your attitude.

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