We’re stunned to be wrapping ’15 so quickly, but excited for the rapidly approaching new year. In this moment, just before the holidays go into full swing, break out that journal and get real about what your heart is set on for the near future. We’re talking about journaling and getting really honest with ourselves with Free + Native’s Lacy Phillips

Making ‘The List.’ I consider learning this simple habit one of the most important factors in how one’s life plays out. Hippie reasoning aside – manifesting, the universe, the vortex – making a list, even for the non-hippie, can help you to get incredibly specific about exactly what you would like from life.

Without specificity, it’s difficult to figure out what you do not want from life. Figuring out what you don’t want, helps you to ensure that you accept nothing less than what you truly desire. It is in that specificity that, after a few false offers and some tough turndowns, exactly what you’re looking for will appear.

Making ‘The List,’ as suggested below, may seem too much like wish-making or gambling, but give it a try with something you desire in life. Start small with a subject that you truly believe you deserve. Something concrete. Maybe it’s a piece of furniture you’ve been wanting? Make a list. Accept nothing less, and watch that groovy chair appear out of nowhere in your life. The phenomenon is real – and it gets very fun. The more you live by this specificity and the notes you make, the less unspecified resistance appears in your life, until one day you wake up and realize that your life can shape into absolutely anything your want and desire. Then you start living tuned in with what you really desire.

Three important components play into making The List. Here they are…

How to Make ‘The List’

Write it down:

Write down what you want, including every important detail with exact specificity. Get specific. I tend to write this list under a new moon when energetically the vortex is very potent, open and ready to receive/grow intentions.

COMMIT to it:

Know in that moment that you are 100% going to receive exactly what you are seeking. Because you have to. And it is your birthright to be happy and prosperous, so coming from that energetic place, you absolutely have to receive it. In fact, it’s impossible not to receive it. Unless of course you don’t believe you are worth what you are asking for. If this is the case, then you need to do a little more self-worth work until you fully and concretely know that you deserve and will receive exactly what you are seeking. Then let it go and live in the moment, because it is on its way.

add nothing else:

This is the last, most exciting part. It may seem like the gambling, scary part, but it truly is the most exciting part! If you are truly ready for what you are seeking, it will simply show up in your life. If you waiver a bit, tests will show up sometimes once, twice, or three times until you honestly learn your lesson and are truly ready. By turning down things that show up that aren’t exactly what you’ve asked for, you are proving that you are strong, deserving, and in concrete belief that you won’t settle for second best. You deserve exactly what you are seeking, and bam, it will appear in your life not too long after.

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