Super Blue Blood Moon emotional effects

We’re sure you heard about this week’s rare ‘super blue blood moon’ and it’s likely you’ve been feeling those astrological feels. The rare blue blood moon closes out an interesting time period that started with last August’s eclipse (read our explanation on that here).

We asked Nicola Behrman, the ‘energy alchemist and spiritual sage’ who shared our eclipse guide to talk to us about what’s happening now that the the super blue blood moon as come and gone…

Wednesday’s full moon trifecta and lunar eclipse marked the end of a period that opened during the big August eclipse this summer, when everything was up for completion. Well, you’ve done the work and sowed the seeds.

This recent eclipse is bringing some really good juju with it. A lot of energy is moving. You are going to find that opportunities are literally falling from the sky. Where you were stuck, you will start to breeze through things. Old stuff has literally released from your energetic system, and you’re stepping into the fullness of your being. There’s no denying it at this point.

The feeling of fear might be present, because even good shifts still involve change that scares our egos, but just know that you are cracking open and it’s a beautiful thing. What are you cracking open to? The remembrance that it doesn’t have to be hard to be worthwhile.

Freedom is the vibrational quality that is available to you now. The shackles are releasing. We are going through a very major planet-wise awakening. Those who are already awake know that it can be very very fun, that there’s nothing to feel guilty about. The sooner each of us realize it for ourselves, the sooner this whole planet heals and awakens.

Without making this more work, if you can allow the notion of hard work to disappear from your system, all systems will start to fire. Be gentle with the fear, resistance, and negative “what if’s”. They don’t have to be banished — just remind yourself, when parts of your brain scream in fear, that it’s okay. See the deeper truth: It can be eaaaasy. It can be graceful. Right now dreams are being made manifest. The Universe is supporting you deeply.

The next few months will be all about the proof thats in the pudding. So take a breath. Say thank you. And put on your favorite tunes this weekend, turn them up, move your body. Dance. Go for a walk with THUNDER playing and remember what you have always known deep in your soul — you came here to have fun. It can be easy and you are golden!

How are you feeling after this week’s super blue blood moon?
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