Cute and crunchy, these versatile veggie spring rolls are a dream for spring or any other time we often want to eat light but balanced. Fill them up with fresh herbs, nutrient-rich seeds and all the seasonal, raw veggies your (well-balanced) gut desires — there’s no one way to make it, or any way to make it wrong.

Last week we shared this recipe for collard wraps from More With Less, a gorgeous new cookbook by professionally trained chef, recipe tester and food photographer, Jodi Moreno. These rice paper wraps are a delightful variation that’s perfect for warm weather — keep your eyes out for another wrap technique we’re sharing from Jodi soon…

Collards, kale and nori are the most nutritious as wraps, but there’s also rice paper, which I like to think of as more of a treat. Rice paper wraps, which are typically used for spring rolls, work best for softer veggies such as roasted sweet potato or avocado. Peanut sauce is my favorite in a rice paper wrap, but experiment with others sauces like chimichurri or even kimchi to add some great punchy flavor.

Rice Paper Spring Roll Wraps


veggies (softer work better): avocado, cucumbers, zucchini, roasted sweet potato or squash, thinly sliced sautéed mushrooms, greens such as spinach, kimchi
herbs: basil, cilantro, shiso
nut or seeds: sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts, cashews
grains (cooked): wild, brown, or white rice
sauce: sweet + spicy peanut sauce, spicy ginger sesame mustard, green herb tahini


Rehydrate the rice paper wraps by submerging them into a shallow bowl of water for a couple of seconds until they are pliable. Then put the wrap onto a flat surface, and place thinly sliced veggies in the bottom third part of the wrap with any additions and sauces you like. Take the bottom of the wrap and fold it up and over the veggies, then fold in the two sides and roll away from you until it’s completely wrapped.

From More with Less: Whole Food Cooking Made Irresistibly Simple by Jodi Moreno © 2018 by Jodi Moreno. Reprinted in arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc.

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