If there is one things we’ve learned about living a natural lifestyle, it’s that folks seem to pick their battles. It’s impossible to have impeccable behavior in living sustainably, locally, waste-free, toxin-free and nutrition-rich. But we try, don’t we? And it matters! We’re not sure this DIY toothpaste qualifies as a green necessity – after all there are decent natural toothpaste brands doing all the hard work for you already. But, for those who want to really go there with oral care – or who want an amazing home experiment to teach kids about natural health – this old-fashioned, homemade toothpaste certainly fits the bill! It’s easy, simple and – for mint lovers – can get as minty you like.

Commercial toothpaste is a lot like lip balm: full of super strange ingredients that don’t need to be there that contribute to the problems it’s promising to solve! Skip the fake-colored, sweetened chemical stuff and make this low-cost, effective alternative from Adina, founder of Brookyln’s S.W. Basics instead. If you have sensitive gums leave the sea salt out of the equation, but it’s a nice abrasive that is full of minerals for everyone else. Coconut oil kills bacteria and peppermint oil will freshen your breath a trillion times longer than un-naturally fragranced toothpaste. Happy brushing…


Homemade Peppermint Toothpaste


2 Tbsp baking soda
2 Tbsp coconut oil
20 drops peppermint oil
1 tsp sea salt (optional)


Mix into a paste and use!
Store up to six months.

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  1. What I like about this recipe, in addition to it being easy to make, is that it requires no packaging. Toothpaste tubes are such a waste. One could put this toothpaste into a reusable container which would be easy to use and … no waste! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

    Small Footprints | 09.30.2013 | Reply
    • Thank you so much – we’d love to see a pic of your results! Tweet us at @chalkboardmag or find us on Instagram at @thechalkboardmag

      The Chalkboard | 09.30.2013 | Reply
  2. I haven’t tried this recipe, but I love how simple it sounds. My concern is that I’ve read with long-term use, baking soda can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. Is this really safe to use as an everyday toothpaste?

    Dani | 06.23.2014 | Reply
  3. Hello, while being very keen on finding green alternative , I am very thorough concerning oral care and having a conservative father always stressing the importance of having fluor ( 1400 ppm min ) I have to ask, does it really protects and mineralizes the tooth enamel ?

    Elody | 04.20.2015 | Reply
  4. I tried this recipe and it worked fine. I ADDED MAYBE 5 MORE DROPS THAN THE RECIPE REQUIRED. Right after making it I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and they feel soooo stinkin’ clean. The paste was not as thick as paste that you would buy but I know that is because it does not have glycerin but I love it !!! ALL NATURAL !!!

    Bree | 09.16.2015 | Reply

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