Make It By Monday: Feather Headdress

Monday through Thursday, we ask ourselves one question: Is it Friday yet? But on Friday, all we wanna know is: What are we doing this weekend? That’s why we’ve launched our newest column Make It By Monday! This story is meant for the crafty corners of all of our hearts—whether you’re a how-to hobbyist or looking for a great one-off DIY to do with your kids or a group of girlfriends, we’ll round up some of our favorite crafty activities and easy-to-follow instructions from our favorite sites and share them with you.

First up: A beautiful feather headdress that’s perfect for kids of any age—and dress-up-loving adults. Just in time for Halloween (hello, Princess Tiger Lily) or for a festive Thanksgiving dinner next month, this chic and easy DIY from the amazing Kimmel Kids Studio is one everybody will love!

  • Here's how to make this stylish feather headdress:

  • Step 1:

    Cut two leather strips double the size of your head.

  • Step 2:

    Glue feathers in between the leather strips (or faux leather strips) with a strong leather glue like Barge AP Cement.

  • Step 3:

    Cut the ends of the leather strips to create a fringe or garnish the ends your favorite beads.

  • Enjoy!

    We hope you and your family enjoy this DIY as much as we do—and tell us what are your plans for your new feather headdress?

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