Your sweat glands are intact for a reason: it’s natural – and healthy – to break a sweat. And yet, very few of us want to go truly au naturel – with good reason. We’re 100% for going green, but we certainly don’t want to smell it. This recipe from the pros at S.W. Basics can be made at home to keep you smelling right and feeling good too. There are plenty of un-natural ingredients to be avoided in conventional deodorant…

Don’t even start with us about deodorant. If you haven’t switched to something natural yet, you should spend some time doing research today. You’ll never turn back. The key to good deodorant is really only one thing: essential oils that kill bacteria and neutralize odors. That’s it. Don’t fight your body’s natural processes, just use something fresh that makes it better. Witch hazel and aloe are both simultaneously astringent and soothing, and a combo of essential oils will especially fight your (gorgeous and sexy) stink!

DIY Deodorant Spritz


2 Tbsp witch hazel
1 Tbsp aloe juice
10-20 drops of essential oil: rosemary, sage or clove


Mix into a spray bottle and store up to three months.

It’s best to make fresh batches more often, so start small and try to use within one month. 

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