Last month our homes were covered in garland and lights of all shapes and sizes. At some point, after all the holiday gear is finally packed away, we find ourselves itching to add a little color to our un-decked halls. If you find yourself going through a little color-withdrawl this season, between holidays lights and Valentine’s schmaltz, we think this sweet Danish bunting will do the trick.

We’re big fans of Danish blogger Brittany Watson Jepsen (see the adorable chevron rug she made with us last spring). This little DIY garland is the perfect match for the season caught in-between two over-the-top decorating holidays! Flag garlands such as this are traditionally hung for birthdays in Denmark, but this multi-colored version by Brittany can be crafted with colors of your choice.

Gather  the below materials and remember, on a green note, this is a perfect project for re-purposing felt, twine and floss from previous craft projects!

  • Brittany's Colorful Flag Bunting

  • Materials needed:

    Felt, marker, glue gun, 3mm white ribbon, 2m twine, scissors for fabric, red embroidery floss, needle

  • Instructions:

    Step 1: Cut out the shape you desire on a thicker piece of paper to use as a template...

    For the PDF template and to follow Step 2 through Step 12, follow the link to Brittany's site The House That Lars Built...

    Happy crafting, Readers!

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