We’re spending a ton of time in the kitchen this season, and we want to make the most of each and every ingredient. Instead of tossing veggie scraps and nearly expired condiments, we’re looking for sustainable ways to keep our habits as low-waste as can be. We’re feeling majorly inspired by The Zero Waste Cookbook which is full of genus recipes (like this overripe avocado pesto) and game-changing hacks like the following low waste freezer tips. Learning about which foods you can freeze can spare waste and even save you a few trips to the grocery store — essential to keeping our sanity intact as we construct cleaner meals this season…

The freezer should be your best friend. There are many food products you may not realize you can freeze. Save the ends of pastes, dried herbs, sauces or drinks and use them in your next meal or save them for next month—either way, if it’s frozen it can easily be reused.

Did You Know You Can Freeze These?

Standard ice-cube trays hold two tablespoons. Pour or spoon leftovers into a tray and, once frozen, pop them out and into a labeled freezer bag.

+ tomato purée (paste)
+ vegetable or chicken stock
+ grated ginger
+ finely chopped herbs in olive oil
+ roasted garlic
+ pesto
+ diced fresh chili
+ red wine

+ coconut milk
+ nut butter
+ yogurt
+ herbal tea
+ egg whites
+ freshly squeezed juice
+ lemon wedges
+ blueberries

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