May Lindstrom is such a goddess. Watch this video if you need more proof. Her namesake skincare line is so special and filled with ultimate green luxuries. Everything May makesis incredibly pure and full of special touches designed to help you slow down, appreciate the moment and take some time for a little dedicated self-care.

We thought we’d share all the luxe imagery May has created to launch her limited edition steam collection. It’s everything Chalkboard readers love. This little set comes hand-wrapped in a stunning gift box including a reclaimed silk scarf from India, handmade facial steam bowl, hand-blended tea, beauty oil and bottled scent. I mean…

Here is May with notes on the benefits of steaming. There are only 50 Steam Collection sets available – get one of the last ones and learn to love the skin you’re in…

Benefits of facial steaming

Enhances Circulation

A facial steam enhances circulation, stimulating blood flow and the delivery of fresh oxygen to your complexion.

Increases perspiration

Facial steam increase perspiration, which opens up your pores and helps to flush toxins from the skin.

Balances and clears skin

Normalizes sebum production, softens congested follicles and gently releases blackhead and whitehead plugs.

Reverses the clock

Anti-aging benefits include the renewal of skin, as steam helps loosen the cellular cement that binds dead cells to the surface of skin.

Softens and moisturizes

Treating yourself to a facial steam softens and moisturizes your skin, revealing a rosier, more youthful looking complexion.

Reduces stress

One last benefit? Facial steams increase relaxation, reducing stress levels and the release of cortisone.

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