Green beauty lovers, hold on to your pilates-sculpted buns. This whole situation with the rainbow-colored hair doesn’t have to be outside the reach of your natural little paws.

We’re learning, through Danny Moon – the stylist responsible for Nicole Richie’s lavender locks – that he’s using natural color free of parabens, sulfates, cocamide DEA, formaldehyde and phthalates to create these unnatural hues and hairstyles (including the whole granny hair vibe.)

Watch this video with Danny as he demonstrates how he achieves these intense colors. One top of color, stylist Kait Marie is showing us how to create an evolving festival-ready style that starts with one look and transforms two ways for a weekend’s worth of desert-worthy amazingness. Everything Danny and Kait are using for these looks comes from PRAVANA. Their Vivids color line comes in silver (#grannyhair), yellow, orange, red, pink, magenta, violet green, blue and wild orchid – in case you were looking for inspiration. We love watching blogger Francis Lola go technicolor!

Danny can be found at one of our favorite salons here in L.A., the celeb-studded Andy LeCompte Salon just around the corner from Gracias Madre. To see this colored look get styled three ways, click through here for festival styling by Kait Marie. We’re sharing the instructions for Day One hair below…


Step 1: Prep

Begin with clean, dry, smooth hair. Mist VIVIDS Color Protect Sealing Spray throughout hair. The mist is specially formulated with double UV protection to shield bright hair colors from fading in the sun. Follow with NEVO Invisible Control for heat protection, texture, and memory long-lasting hold. 

Step 2: Texturize

Backcomb at the scalp through the top of the head then spray lightly with NEVO Super Shape.

Step 3: Curl

Working from the nape to the crown, take random 1” pieces of hair and curl loosely through the ends, leaving some pieces out. Backcomb the hair in the crown for full volume.

Step 4: Braid

Starting in the front hairline, create a waterfall braid: Start with three strands. Cross the bottom strand over the middle strand. Cross the top strand over the middle strand and allow to drop out. Gather a new strand from the bottom. Repeat and continue into the crown.

Loosen the braid, then fasten with a clip. Repeat through the other side.

Step 5: Secure

Cross the two braids, then loosen hair through the crown. Secure the braids together with an elastic band.

Step 6: Finish

Braid a loose strand then wrap around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin. Loosely curl the remaining hair through the sides. Add accent braids, then tease through the ends and spray with NEVO Super Shape to secure.

Take small strands, flat-wrap around a small cylinder then flat iron and finger tease to add texture to the hair.

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