Guy Turland is the fresh face behind Bondi Harvest, a cool digital cooking show via Tastemade’s online food channel focused on seasonal, local ingredients cooked healthfully – but with enough flavor to knock you back! Watch Guy cook right on the beach and read his guide below to find the best local resources in Sydney, Australia, for both locals and the south-bound traveler alike! Consider this snippet of Guy cooking on the beach your last glance back at the summer before fully committing to those turtleneck sweaters and wooly coats…

Local Life Sydney with Bondi Harvest

Your City:

Sydney, Australia

Best Farmer’s Market:

Bondi Farmers Market

In Season:

Lobsters. We’ve been catching heaps of lobsters while free diving lately.

Top Outdoor Recreation:

I love anything to do with the water. Any free time I get I’ll be surfing, free diving and spearfishing around the waters of Bondi Beach.

Fave local produce right now:

Avocado and ginger.

Best thing you ever ate from your city:

My old head chef Peter Doyle makes the most unbelievable passion fruit soufflé with passion fruit sorbet.

Best local ‘food foraging’ experience:

Last summer, we were spearfishing for hours off Bondi Beach and we couldn’t find anything. Just as we gave up and were heading back to the beach, the largest school of yellowtail kingfish I have ever seen started swimming around us. There were so many fish it was hard to focus. We each got one fish, weighing between 22 to 33 pounds.

Source for grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, wild fish or the like:

There’s a great company called Food Orbit. They connect farmers directly with chefs and restaurants. It’s a great way for us to build a relationship and support the farmers directly. Sourcing locally and seasonally is really important to me.

Best Local Artisan Food Source:

Sonoma Baking Company makes the best artisan sourdough.

Best Restaurant Utilizing Local Resources:

Sean’s Panorama at Bondi Beach, flawless food, with the view of the beach. All produce is from their farm in the county.

Best juice bar:

We have a juice bar at the restaurant I own, The Depot. My favorite juice would have to be blood orange and ginger juice.

Best place to get a good workout:

Bondi Beach. Running on soft sand, and using the outdoor gym.

Favorite local experience living in your city:

Surfing for hours while the sun sets over Bondi.

Best local resource unique to your town:

Sydney yellowtail kingfish.

Favorite recipe from local resource:

Fresh kingfish carpaccio, with sea salt and a small amount of chili and some fresh lemon.

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