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It’s the first feature of the year in our ‘Living Well’ Series and we’re diving deep on the hard-core wellness habits of Naomi Whittel. While most of the world seems to be off to a slow start in 2022, it’s a glimpse inside the daily habits of someone like Naomi that motivate us in ways big and small.

Naomi is something of a health and wellness pioneer, helping to popularize some of the most interesting supplement ingredients that we use today, from resveratrol to MCT oil. Three things seem to have influenced Naomi’s passion for nutrition: growing up on a biodynamic farm in Switzerland (not too shabby!), having a chemist as a father, and experiencing heavy metal toxicity herself from poor quality supplements at a young age. Her passion is now to source the highest quality, clean ingredients for her own supplement line that brings some of the most cutting edge science right into our pantries and medicine cabinets.

We asked Naomi to share some of her passions and regular routines with us below, including her laundry list of daily supplements…

Daily breakfast: A cup of bone broth.

My food philosophy in one sentence: Fat first, fat most, and fast frequently.

Non-negotiable: Taking the first hour of my morning for myself

Daily supplements:

Magnesium – which is the most vital nutrient for the body, impacting over 700 different enzymatic processes in our body  

Astaxanthin for boosted recovery after my workouts

Citrus Bergamot for heart health and balanced cholesterol levels 

Collagen Renewal Matrix for proteins that support skin health 

Australian Keratin for proteins that support my hair and nails  

Resveratrol 500 MG for anti-aging benefits

SpiceFruit for overall metabolic wellness 

Berberine for blood sugar balance

Best healthy food option on the go:A peeled, ripe avocado

Can’t live without my: Magnesium

Fave workout: Strength and conditioning, specifically Olympic lifting. It’s my favorite because it’s the ideal way to increase strength and maximize your time training. It also increases power, jumping ability, improves core strength/stability, and increases speed.

Crazy health idea that actually works: Dry brushing

Once a week for my health I… Take a nutrient-rich beauty bath like the Japanese. My go-to beauty baths include hydrogen baths and magnesium baths. Just like facials, these baths have unique, natural benefits for our bodies!

At least once a week I cook…A superherb pesto! 

Ingredient in products I always avoid: High fructose corn syrup

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be… To make sure you get enough fiber each day

Current reading list:
Bourdain, The Definitive Oral Biography by Laurie Woolever
The Long Game: How to be a long-term thinker in a short-term world by Dorie Clark
Our Only Home, A Climate Appeal to the World by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Franz Alt

Simplest way to improve health: Proper hydration

5 things always in my travel gear:Ancient Minerals magnesium bath flakes, my vitamins, a book, silk pillowcase and dry brush.

3 staples always on my vanity: OMI Renew Serum, OMI Revitalize Citrus Bergamot Day Cream and Weleda Skin Food 

Go-to juice or smoothie: My green juice recipe is simple:

2-3 Celery Stalks
1 1/2 Cucumber
5 large Kale leaves
1 bunch of Parsley
1 bunch of Cilantro
1/2 Green Apple

My current mantra: “5 things that i’m grateful for are…”

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