Living Well With The Founders of SoulCycle: Humor, Sleep + Green Juice

When it comes to “living well,” we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk…and we like to feature experts that do the same. From Dr. Sara Gottfried’s collagen lattes and Meghan Markle’s inside-out facials to Mark Hyman’s down-to-earth food philosophy, our pros continuously prove that there’s no one way to to the whole “wellness” thing.

All month long, we’ve got the founders of SoulCycle as our June Guest Editors, sharing a behind-the-scenes peek into their fitspirational lives (and gym bags!) and sharing juicy prizing inside each and every Pressed Juicery location. This week, Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler are dishing on what it means to them to “live well.” Just like SoulCycle itself, the women behind the hottest workout in the country keep things cool, casual, and positive, noting philosophies and non-negotiables that anyone can get behind. There might not be a one-size-fits all to wellness, but these gals sure seem to have it on lockdown:

daily supplements...

Julie: Calcium, Vitamin D
Elizabeth: Olly supplements

Once a week for my health I...

Julie: Sleep! I generally stay up way too late.
Elizabeth: Stretch deeply 

food philosophy in one sentence...

Julie: Sugar in moderation
Elizabeth: Keep it clean

Fave workout...

Julie + Elizabeth: SoulCycle, of course!

Fave Pressed Juicery flavor...

Julie: Greens 2
Elizabeth: Freeze. OMG. Life. Changing.

Can’t live without my...

Julie: Daughters
Elizabeth: Pack, tribe, posse at SC

On my reading list...

Julie: I am a magazine girl. Vogue, Elle, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest (I am renovating my apartment)
Elizabeth: Everything.

Filtered or bottled water?

Julie: Both, depending where I am
Elizabeth: I just have to remember to stay hydrated!

Gym/studio uniform...

Julie: Black Capris, sports bra, SoulCycle tank
Elizabeth: Tights, tank, long tee

Best healthy restaurant tip...

Julie: Dressing on the side.
Elizabeth: Don’t eat crap.

At least once a week I cook…

Julie: Redfarm chicken salad 
Elizabeth: I’m not even sure that’s true. Except on vacation – I cook all the time. 

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Julie: Slow down
Elizabeth: Stay sane

Crazy health idea that actually works...

Julie: Magnesium for headaches
Elizabeth: Breathing deeply 

My go-to smoothie or snack...

Julie: Skinny Pop popcorn. Open bag, then eat. 
Elizabeth: Cashews 


Julie + Elizabeth: Humor.

Simplest way to improve health...

Julie: Drink water.
Elizabeth: Create a happy life.

Fave healthy getaway...

Julie + Elizabeth: Tulum!

My health passion...

Julie: Move your body!
Elizabeth: Living each day happily 

Health trend to skip...

Julie: Most cleanses
Elizabeth: Anyting that doesn’t really resonate – all aspects of health are so personal 

My current mantra...

Julie: “Be grateful.” 
Elizabeth: “Only good people.” 

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Clip in and get ready to kick off summer with us as we celebrate living well with Elizabeth and Julie, the founders of SoulCycle...

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